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Stochastic Candles

Stochastic Candles Indicator 

It will convert the stochastic indicator from separate window to the chart window by drawing oversold-overbought coloring candles. Red is overbought and blue is oversold by default.And you can change the color later on the external indicator setting.This is Multi timeframe  indicator that means it can show appearance result from another timeframe.E.g: If you set timeframe H1 then it will draw candles from Timeframe H1 whatever timeframe you attach on.

It will be useful for who want to use it and combined by other indicators because the chart will look easier to understand with a simpler look.


1. Multi Timeframe,Timeframe M1=1,Timeframe M5=5,Timeframe M15=15,etc

2. Indicator setting,this is similar with a regular stochastic indicator.* Nice settings for trend = 35,10,1

3. Alert,included popup,email,sound,push notification

4. Candles color ,you can change the color in the external setting.

5. Any currency

6. Only for MT4

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