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Range Multi Alligators

Range Multi Alligators provides Range Channel High Low Information and the market trend indicated by the blue-red Histogram in the middle of range channel.

The range channel lines is useful to define stoploss and take profit. This is trend follower indicator based on the Multi Alligators. Attach it on the chart and change one or all setting then all lines will move synchronously with the current one.


  • Period: the number of bars used for the indicator calculations. Default: 120 used for TF M5
  • Shift: The number of bars used for the indicator to shift backward ( the value=negative) or shift forward (the value=positive)
  • Deviation: The range distance between upper lines and lower lines,value 0.1 to 100
Harry M
Harry M 2018.07.02 12:17 

If you like channel-trading then "Range Multi Alligators" is in my opinion one of the Best on the Market. Not repaint and you can easy make money with it. Great and fantastic work and a Masterpiece of a Channel Indicator!