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TimeFrame Changer Free


This free indicator change timeframe of charts(up to 3) at the same time,by clicking a label.

If you click the label(shown below),timeframe of charts will change.

If you click again,timeframe of charts restore.

You can change the position of the label.

You can change charts up to 3 charts(a paid version enables up to15 charts).

You can add second,third timeframe changer label.

This indicator is very useful for speed trading.

There is a more powerful PRO VERSION.

The paid version can:

-change charts up to 15 charts

-has Second,and third time changer.

-has Info box besides time changers.

and so on.

*This indicator don't work propery in strategy tester.Use this in live trading.

Input Parameters

  • TimeFrame1- All charts will be changed to this timeframe when the label clicked.
  • label_xposition- determine the positon of the label.
  • label_yposition- determine the positon of the label.
  • Do_not_restore -If this is true,when the label clicked again,timeframe of charts will not restore to previous timeframe.
  • show_TFInfo_besides_label-show additional TFInfo bedides the label.
  • Enable_mute -mute sound when the labels clicked
  • color 

How To Use

In parameter setting window,input info.

Click the label,then timeframe of all charts will change.

Click again,then all charts return to previous timeframe.

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