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MTF ATR with alert

A.Indicator description

This indicator tells you ATRs of various time-frame and how much ATR is filled.

If ATR is completely filled,this indicator alerts you.

Font,color and font size is customizable.

B.Why do you need ATR?

ATR tells you how much bars prpbably would probably move.

You can use this indicator to set stoploss and take-profit,or enter counter-trend setup.

But it is risky to enter trades based on ATR alone.

So,you should use ATR with other indicator and price action.

C. Input Parameters

  • Alert:Show an alert when ATR is reached.
  • Color:You can change font color.
  • ATR Period:Period to calculate ATR.
  • ShowATR_1m:Show ATR of 1m-TF.
  • ShowATR_5m:Show ATR of 5m-TF.
  • ShowATR_15m:Show ATR of 15m-TF.
  • ShowATR_1h:Show ATR of 1h-TF.
  • ShowATR_4h:Show ATR of 4h-TF.
  • ShowATR_1D:Show ATR of 1D-TF.
  • ShowATR_1W:Show ATR of 1W-TF.
  • ShowATR_MN:Show ATR of MN-TF.
  • fontsize:Change font size
Roman Zakharii
Roman Zakharii 2019.09.01 19:36 

Very good! Thank you!