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Miracle GMMA

The EA is based on trend following strategy.

By mainly using GMMA,this EA catches the trend.

Trades is closed if the trend is changed according to GMMA.

Simply put,you can win big by using this EA and keep losses minimum.

What is GMMA?

GMMA means "Guppy Multiple Moving Average".

This strategy utilizes 12 moving averages.

Because of that,GMMA is more robust and profitable than simple moving average strategy.


The EA is especially made for EURUSD and Daily chart.

It is important to observe this rule.

This is because EURUSD trends best,and Daily chart is most reliable for trend following strategy.

You can also use this EA for Weekly chart and Monthly chart.


This EA is always in long trade or short trade.

If your long trade is closed,the EA automatically enters short trade.Vice versa.

This is based on a theory that market is either bull market or bear market.

This gives you maximum utilization of your money.


  • Enable_TakeProfit - If you make this parameter true,the EA use TakeProfit as exit strategy.
  • TakeProfit - Defines TakeProfit Level.
  • Lots- Defines lots.
  • TrailingStop-If this parameter is over 0,the EA will use TrailingStop as exit strategy.
  • UseOnlyDailyMovingAverageOnAnyTimeFrame -If this is set true,the EA use Daily chart data to calculate GMMA on any timeframe.
  • MA3-Defines period of first moving average of GMMA.
  • MA5-Defines period of second moving average of GMMA.
  • ................................


The More you trade,the more improved and stable your PF will be.

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