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BinaryWizardMT4 is a powerful indicator for trading short-term binary options.

In fact, this is a ready-made trading system. The indicator calculates the reference point and a short-term support and resistance levels. After the current price crosses the resistance level, a sell signal is formed (SIGNAL: SELL). Similarly, after the price crosses the support line, a buy signal is activated (SIGNAL: BUY).


  • x1, y1 - binding coordinates of the indicator window to the upper left chart corner.
  • period - M1.
  • currency pair - any.
  • binary options expiration time - 30-60 seconds.

The indicator generates BUY and SELL signals when a new candle appears.

Application rules

  1. Wait for a new candle to appear.
  2. As soon as the BUY signal appears, buy the binary option within a few seconds.
  3. As soon as the SELL signal appears, sell the binary option within a few seconds.
  4. Do not use the same signals again. Wait for a new candle instead.

A signal is accompanied by a sound.

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