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Price Action Multi Timeframe Radar

This powerful indicator intercepts 21 patterns simultaneously on 28 Pairs and on all timeframes.

Just put the indicator on a single chart to see all patterns that appear on all pairs in all timeframes

The patterns found are:

  • For Bearish:
    • Bearish Abandoned Baby;
    • Bearish Engulfing;
    • Bearish Harami;
    • Bear Kicker;
    • Dark Cloud Cover;
    • Evening Doji Star;
    • Evening Star;
    • Shooting Star;
    • Three Black Crows;
    • Three Inside Down;
    • Three Outside Down;
  • For Bullish:
    • Bullish Abandoned Baby;
    • Bullish Engulfing;
    • Bullish Harami;
    • Bull Kicker;
    • Inverted Hammer;
    • Morning Doji Star;
    • Piercing Line;
    • Three Inside Up;
    • Three Outside Up;
    • Three White Soldiers

Many, many patterns in only one indicator!

A legend helps interpret the acronym of the patterns shown

On the start it takes a few seconds to look for patterns on all pairs on all timeframes, after looking for patterns only at the opening of new candles


  • Pairs_Suffix: suffix as "micro", "-ECN" etc.
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