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Pending Line Super Order

Easy way to place pending order , Just drag line, Set price.

  • Can work on live and back-test (Strategy Tester)

Note: Demo version for testing can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11287


   1.Easy Way for Opening Pending Orders.

  • You only need to drag line to define open price, stop loss, take profit values.
  • Then click the "ORDER SEND" button.
  • EA will open pending orders for you automatically.
  • And also automatic detect types of pending order (Limit and Stop).

   2. Can work on Live and Back-Test (Strategy Tester).

  • You can use this EA for practice your trading strategies from history chart (Back-Test,Strategy Tester)

Input Parameters

  • Default Lot Size : Setting default lot size for opening order , can be change on chart screen later.
  • Default Line Distance (Pips) : Custom default stop loss / take profit line distance , can be change on chart screen later.
  • Auto Chart Shift : Automatic chart shift and remove grid.
  • Line Width : Setting width of horizontal line.
  • Magic Start: Set magic number for all orders opened by the EA. You should set it with a unique number if you run another EA on your account at the same time.

Clifford M. Beers
Clifford M. Beers 2019.04.19 03:56 

Works fine for me. Every thing works exactly as described. , Version 2.0 gives full control. Job's updates are always high-level and great support we have here! Thanks a lot...

hsmanalo 2018.11.10 22:18   

I want a refund, otherwise, I will sue you for fraudulent, fake product. Giving 0 star for you is an understatement.

Phidel 2018.10.16 23:59 

This thing does not work like it says it does. Don't waste your time and money. It does not execute and once removed the buttons go away and reminisce of the program stays on your chart. STAY AWAY!

Versión 2.0 2019.04.16
- Can work on live and back-test (Strategy Tester).
Versión 1.2 2019.04.11
- Auto delete all objects when expert removed.
- Add default Lot size setting.
- Remove unnecessary function for speed improving.
Versión 1.1 2016.05.23
- Smaller size clean and better looking
- Added Line Width input parameter
- Money Management mode (formula calculations = (Account Balance/100)*(Risk Percent Setting/100))