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30 - 150 USD
Hi, I have an existing forex strategy which I would like to be coded as an MT4 EA. The strategy is based on a SRSI oscillator, Keltner channels - I have the MT4 indicator files available (in zip file). Attached is the full strategy zip file outlining the system, trade setup, entry and exit & indicator files. The EA should function with any MT4 instrument on any MT4 timeframe.
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Experts Forex 46 minutes ago
Expert advisor modification (personal job)
80 - 180 USD
Hello, good afternoon: I would like to make some modifications to the MMDD indicator and then use the indicator with the new improvements to make some improvements to the EA_MM_A. Both were developed by you. 80 to $180 are negotiable. Thank you Peter
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Indicators Experts 1 hour ago
Create an EA based on an indicator bought on the market (personal job)
30+ USD
Hi, I've buyed this indicator on mt4 market.  The name is scalping indicator pro and you can find at this address: His name is Pip finite trend pro There's somebody could create an EA based on it? Thanks
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Experts 1 hour ago
30+ USD
i would like to modification of attached EA.  thing need to modification: Trade option: Reverse/ Forward ( can be enable). i have attached the EA for reference. if possible try to added the trailing stop
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Experts Forex 2 hours ago
50 - 80 USD
Once i turn on the EA: Buy:  Entry - When price breach previous candle high by [x] pips. [x] to be adjustable. i.e. 5 pips or 0.5 pipsCut loss - Lowest of immediate last 2 candles of entry candle with [x] pips buffer. Target Profit - middle line of Keltner Channel (this will be a moving target as Keltner channel move) Sell:  Entry - When price breach previous candle low by [x] pips. [x] to be adjustable. i.e. 5...
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Strategy optimization 2 hours ago
100 - 1000 USD
Hello! I'd need somebody with experience in MQL4 and MQL5 (preferably also Ninjascript) who can explain me source codes. Pay per hour via Skype session or in person if possible. Write me to if you are interested in this job for details. Time frame until 20.06.2019 Looking forward to getting to hearing from you! :)  Best regards, Michael
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Experts Forex 3 hours ago
33 - 333 USD
mq5 vonvert to tradingview language ea and indicator . tradingview language is pine script ı have mt4 anad mt5 codes.  this project is short. this project time is max 5 day please
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Experts Converting 4 hours ago
Сделка, наоборот. (personal job)
70+ USD
Сделка,наоборот. Вводныепараметры. 1.   Риск (только часы), так же в процентах. 2.   Енвелопес дополнительный для данных видов сделок.   Наданный момент риск работает и сделка следующим образом. Еслириск меньше 3% (к примеру), то пробивая верхнюю енвелопес мы заходим в лонг. А данном случае должно работать посхеме. Еслириск на сделку (которая есть лонг, к примеру), более 3%, то придостижении верхней енвелопес...
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Indicators Experts 5 hours ago
This post is for Refactoring code of VCUSTOM32 (personal job)
40+ USD
Hi Andrei im happy you want refactoring the code of Vcustom for use fonction in Expert Advisor i think is possible you re create the code for dev ea thank's you Pro ....
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Indicators Experts 5 hours ago
50 - 60 USD
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Integration Design Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL 6 hours ago
30 - 50 USD
The job description states below: 1. provide a Scalping EA or Neural Network System or whatever the system you think is good. 2. the system must have recent 1 year backtest or more, within 20%DD, above35%profit, loading deposit is low 3.should have a risk money control 4. email/mobile message notification  5. provide a reliable optimization methodology to test/optimize this EA. further some detail will be...
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Experts 8 hours ago
30+ USD
Hello, Experts here, I need someone to do some converting job.  I have a EA with .ex4 file. I want to do some modification, but i have no the source code (mql4). Could anyone be able to convert my .ex4 file to mq4 or mq5 file firstly? and furthermore, there is some small thing in coding modification.
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Other 8 hours ago
30 - 200 USD
Hello, I'm developing several robots and I need to Set an eficient way to optimize them. I've read a post about it ( ), but I have no time to learn about and set it. If you have a working Automated Optimization Environment for MT5 and proved skills, send me your price for your advice. Attachment: SET file example, it has several parameters to optimize (one at a time). 1 EA...
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Consultation Strategy optimization Data mining 10 hours ago
Please reconnect signal copy tech to server (personal job)
30+ USD
Please reconnect one pair of the signal copy EA's you coded for me to another VPS. Would also like a little help with choosing the right server to connect from the choices I have.
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Indicators Experts 10 hours ago
30+ USD
i have a macd divergence indicator i want to be edited so that there is option for showing only buy signals or sell signals like true or false option on buy signal if true then show only buy signal Also now it alerts as soon divegence occurs. if a buy signal comes i want alert only when a green or bull candle appears  also i need a push notification setting to be added is this possible.
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Indicators Experts Today
TTM scanner modifications (personal job)
30+ USD
Modifications for existing TTM scanner (refer old job - Scanner based on TTM & Zones indicators -- date: 20th March, 2019) For buy: - Between Pink TTM bar and trigger bar there should be BLUE TTM bar - Need true/false option - Gap Between Pink TTM bar and Trigger bar - only X bars should be there (say 10 bars)  - All 3 bars high --- Pink TTM bar, Blue TTM bar and Trigger bar High should be ABOVE Zones indicator...
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Indicators Experts Today
Combine Two Indicators with Alert/Arrow Triggers into One (personal job)
50+ USD
Hi Fedor! I have another request for an indicator modication, very similar to want we just did.  I would like to add the alert/arrow tigger of the InpValue_DualMA to the InpCCI_ZigZag, so that the new alert/arrow forms when both indicators signal an alert/arrow for the same bar.  The InpCCi_ZigZag already has the InpTSI built into it and currently requires the InpTSI file to be loaded into MT4 in order to run....
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Indicators Integration Today
100 - 150 USD
I have an efficient strategy, but I need a SL and TP system that is flexible and efficient. Do not be inflexible. I want to find some programmer who already has something similar to fit my strategy. My strategy already has an open source metric. Note: I have tested several types of SL and fixed TP in the long run are not working.
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Strategy optimization Forex Today
Last code issues (personal job)
30+ USD
Have a own built code which some of its functions are still not working properly, so I need expertise help in order to finish the work. Issues that may be fixed now are: - TwoStep Take Profit: make the expert close orders at two defined take profit levels. - Check Averaging cycle: at this moment, averaging function makes no sense in backtester results. - Add NewsFilter: help to implement newsfilter code from the...
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Experts Consultation Yesterday
30 - 70 USD
A developer needed to convert the attached mt4 dashboard indicator to mt5 dashboard EA which has the following options: Manual TradingThe dashboard will be attached to the chart as what the indicator does.  It will give alerts, email alerts and sound notifications. Some corrections are needed on the notifications Auto trading There should be option to input the lot size. Trade are to be opened as per the signals...
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Experts Converting C++ Forex Stocks Options Yesterday