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Hi, I would like to have an EA, that takes control over the money management. Right now I have one EA running on my mt4 platform, and the control EA should be implemented to act like following: - When a certain minus growth has been reached in total (for ex. -15% on the account), the control EA should disable the EAs / Or should disable auto-trading mode in mt4 terminal. Please note: The control EA always have to...
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Experts 42 minutes ago
50+ USD
I have 4 indicator and I want 1 or the 2 arrow to appear when this 4 indicators meets a certain condition. The indicators are. 1. major1 (Arrow indicator) 2. Moving Average of 4,  MA4 (method: simple, Apply to: close) 3. Moving average of 20, MA20 (method: simple, Apply to: close) 4. Band Trend (looks like a moving average) The major1 and Band trend comes in mql4 file.
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Experts 51 minutes ago
30 USD
Firts of all I apologize for using this procedure only to ask you for information but I could not send you a message trough other options!  I read about some traders who profitably use your EA named "Cap Grid Manager EA" but that is no longer available! I would like to know if you have been replaced by a new version and/or if I can buy it directly from you!  Thank you and best regards. Frankalde (mail:...
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Experts Consultation 1 hour ago
50 - 100 USD
I am looking for a Robot for MT4, that can automatically close 50% of the Oder when the price reach 10 Pips of profit and to drag the Stop Lost to Break Even. For Example if we have a Short position on GBP/USD with 2 Lots from 1.25000. When the price reached 1.24900 the Robot to close 1 Lot in profit and take the Stop to Break Even. I am not sure if a Robot is exactly what i need for the job, however i will be happy...
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Experts Other 2 hours ago
100 - 200 USD
Hello Oleksandr I would like to add a new feature to the indicator you previously made for me. I want new columns with option to hide for Daily and weekly ( I will use daily and weekly on separate charts) using the following logic:  Current Open (daily or weekly) above previous open = add up arrow Current Open (daily or weekly) below previous open = add down arrow When daily/weekly open is a up arrow and the TMA...
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Experts 3 hours ago
30+ USD
Good Day , I need arrow alert consecutive candlesticks ( bullish / Bearish ) along with BB ,RSI,stochastic . for more clarification you can see screen shot . when candlesticks are outside bollinger bands or at the bollinger bands lines at the same time RSI and stochastic must be in overbought oversold conditions .let us say i want to execute trade after 4 consecutive candles outside BB ,it means stochastic and rsi...
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Indicators Experts 5 hours ago
Update the pending order with SMA indicator (personal job)
40+ USD
I need to add this to Pending order EA to open new trade for martingale and Grid to start. If BUY signal comes it need to open new Buy trade for martingale and GRID trade (if i enable only Sell Stop) or combined mode. It will create the pending order for sell stop. Once the EA closed with profit it need to wait for next signal to open BUY or sell signal for martingale mode or Grid Mode or combined mode
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Experts 5 hours ago
30+ USD
I want an EA to manage one of my scalping EA which i cant modify since i don't have the source code. 1. This EA should block my scalping EA from buying in overbought conditions, and block it from selling in oversold conditions using Stochastic oscillator - I'm not sure this is possible but I am open to suggestions or alternatives to achieve this. 2. Close the order of my scalping EA when the trade looses by...
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Experts 6 hours ago
250+ USD
looking for a bot to take the opposite side of the trade. I want to main account to be on a demo server which is I want to have the ability to change the main account # and I want the bot to take the opposite side of the trade on my other account with the ability to adjust SL and TP
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Experts Panels and dialog boxes 6 hours ago
50+ USD
Trend filter:   Using Moving Average (simple, exponential etc.), Price below MA = sell only, Above = buy only Or Using Higher Heikin Ashi Timeframe. i.e choose Daily Timeframe = red, then sell only in M15 chart Buy Entry: Heikin Ashi candle must be green  Parabolic SAR below Heikin Ashi geen candle Sell Entry: Heikin Ashi candle close red below MAParabolic SAR above Heikin Ashi red candle Exit: When...
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Experts 7 hours ago
50 - 150 USD
I'm after a coder experienced in .mq4 who can convert the attached Pinescript (from TradingView) indicator. It isn't overly complex, so hopefully it should be a fairly quick and easy job. Happy to pay a premium for a quick turnaround. The Pinescript code has multi-time frame functionality. This would be great to have in the  conversion. Let me know if you have any queries or questions. Thanks, DreamsDefined
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Converting 8 hours ago
100 - 500 USD
I want a multicurrency cross-currency Direct Correlated pairs hedging EA. I am open to suggestions, proposals and plans. When you apply for this job please kindly be sure to have a proper explanation of how you will do it.  The idea is that the EA will hedge trades on one pair with trades on another directly correlated pair in order to keep the Draw Down low despite huge moves in the market. And the trades could be...
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging 9 hours ago
50+ USD
1- one MACD on each time-frame  2- the EA will look for a convergence/divergence in both MACDs on both time-frames, chosen MACDs on both time-frame has to give a convergence or divergence, both in the same time to point out a change in trend 3- total of 2 time-frames with their indicators working all together to define entry and exit 4- the default MT4 daily pivot indicator will be used to define take profit and...
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Experts 9 hours ago
Price Action EA (personal job)
80+ USD
Price action ea I can give you more when I talk to you and you made me one very much the same as this one it is like the ea you made me on open of London market it places 2 positions with a lock in profit and a trail.
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Experts 11 hours ago
FXMechanic update to v11 - part 2 (personal job)
50 - 200 USD
Updating FXMechanic EA v10 to v11 For v11, we will revise the following features: Zone Selection Criteria (Freshness, White Space) - covered in the previous job Time of Creation Remove wick overlap pattern definition Zone Combining Criteria UseTrendConfirmation changes Table View Indicator Alert System update pdf specifications attached, also available to view online here:
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Indicators Experts 12 hours ago
70 - 122 USD
OPEN CLOSE  vs   HIGHT LOW  correlations with different TF  pending grid placed manually with dashboard or  automatically placed on open-close vs hight low ,,, levels of custum indicators to avoid misunderstandings expert  has been divided into 5 steps I ask an exe with expiry  every step to test   job and remove bug  I ask for a patient programmer who collaborates with the creation of the mm for reversing...
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Experts Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex Yesterday
Alrabeiii (personal job)
30+ USD
حدد مواصفات متطلباتك هنا نقطة تلو الأخرى. حاول وصف متطلباتك باختصار وبوضوح ، حتى يتمكن مطور البرامج المحتمل من تقييم مدى تعقيده وتكلفته بشكل صحيح ، بالإضافة إلى وقت التنفيذ المطلوب. سيؤدي الوصف السيئ أو العام جدًا إلى تجاهل طلبك ، وإلا ستقضي وقتًا طويلاً في التفاوض على التفاصيل مع كل مقدم طلب. تذكر: من الأفضل قضاء ثلاثين دقيقة لإعداد نص جيد بدلاً من خسارة ساعات وأيام لحل سوء الفهم بعد إبرام الاتفاقية أو عند قبول...
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Experts Yesterday
30 USD
I have downloaded data from Tickstory but I am confused on how to get it exported to my MT4 platform. For example, There is a field for output format.  I am not sure which option to select.  I am sure this can be completed in 10 minutes or less for someone who has done this before. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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Consultation Yesterday
30+ USD
Really i am looking a programmer who has professional experience in writing EA & Indicators. i have a trading strategy to be automated. it will be highly appreciated if i received quick replies best regards
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Experts Yesterday
30 - 75 USD
Hi Developers, I need a simple event trader robot which create order on scheduledtime with given parameters.  The requirement Scope: There are a set of user Inputs  and parameters. Once these parameters arefilled with scheduled time and save and close, this screen will disappear. Then this application will wait for the scheduled time.  At the scheduled time, this will retrieve the market price from MT4 platform of...
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Experts Yesterday