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30+ USD
I am looking for an experienced developer. EA works on limited time, based on RSI & price of candles and can be on&off Martingale strategy. Compare with few past candles and get highest&lowest price for open&close order. The detail and screenshot will be sent after check your status. Also i have more job to do, Please take one job at a time for us. I really need your attention :) Cheers
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Experts 1 hour ago
30 - 50 USD
Hellodeveloper Ineed Copy Trade Ea for Mt5 can wor only on Hedge mode account Type.   Thefollowing are the parameters found in EA :   EACONFIGURATIONS Stop EA: If true, EA will stop copy any trade. MagicNumber: Magic number for EA.FILTER COPYTRADE Order Type To Copy: Select Order type to copy. MagicNumber To Copy: The magic number of the order to copy, multiple magic numbers can be specified separated by...
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Experts 1 hour ago
100 - 250 USD
I have a tradingview strategy that does not repaint and is functional from my current understanding. I have updated the following script to version 3 and made modifications to the variables. Script backtests well, and I have done test trades. Unfortunately, tradingview alerts are not reliable, and execution is not proper. If you believe you could create an EA based on this script please let me know! I am highly...
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Experts C++ C# Strategy optimization Forex 2 hours ago
50 - 200 USD
It’s a very basic MOMENTUM STRATEGY, which runs on a 2 min chart, with small risk of 15-20’pips. 2 min Chart50 EMA indicator 20 pip trailing stop  The reason for entry, is when the 50 EMA crosses the next PRICE LINE ( based on 5 pip increments).In the photo example attached, the 50 EMA is dropping through the 12775, the 12770 the 12765 horizontal price levels....and so on.Then, when price reverses enough, the 50...
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex Text writing 3 hours ago
ZMEA_1 (personal job)
35+ USD
I would like to make a small upgrade in functionality for closing a trade in EA ZMEA_1.   input bool        ExitOpposite               = 1;     // Automatic Stop Loss input double    StopLoss                    = 0;     // Stop Loss in points input bool        ExitOpposite2             = 1;     // Exit by Opposite Signal of indicators                         ExitTime                    = 0;     // Exit by...
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Experts 4 hours ago
50+ USD
Hello, I have an already existing EA (for MT4). I would like to add a news filter that has the following features: EA can automatically detect upcoming news eventsInput option to automatically disable trading X minutes before the news releaseInput option to automatically enable trading again after X minutes after the news releaseThanks
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Indicators Experts 4 hours ago
500+ USD
Hi Every One Please check this video care fully  and if possible then make this EA Price fix 500 USD i need with Mql4 file . Thanks ================================================================================================================= Hi Every One Please check this video care fully  and if possible then make this EA Price fix 500 USD i need...
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Experts Panels and dialog boxes HTML Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Forex Options 5 hours ago
Trailing stoploss needed adding (personal job)
30+ USD
I need a trailing stoploss adding to this ea, I would like it so it is in pips. im not sure if the breakeven works either so if this can be looked at to that would be great thank you
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Indicators Experts 5 hours ago
30 - 100 USD
We need a script that will auto-trade based on the MACD histogram. The script will follow the spread between MACD Line & Signal Line (green bar graph), and swing position in according to the swings of the green bar. For example, we would open a position of 100 long when the bar hits the trough and go up, and once it hits peak and goes down, we would switch to 100 short position, and vice versa continuously. Settings...
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Experts Scripts 6 hours ago
30+ USD
I have developed two trading strategies for scalping but i'm so busy to keep watching the chart so I want someone to help me develop an opportunities  scanner so when a trade becomes mature it alerts me so I can act
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Experts Consultation 6 hours ago
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I need and EA for this project. Will Explain in details.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, the EA should be able to run on multiple charts at one time Second, the EA should support all kind of broker prefix EA works on individual PAIRs. Meaning, if it execute on EURUSD and AUDUSD, The closing rules hit on EURUSD order, it will only...
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Experts 9 hours ago
30 - 50 USD
Hi, please see below for the requirements for this EA. I hope it is clear!: My strategy is based on picking levels that I wish to tradefrom in advance. Most of this EA will be aimed at position management as entryis quite straight forward. It isimportant to note that any case where a buy order is being used (either forentry, TP, SL or breakeven) that the ASK price is used. Similarly, wherever asell order is used,...
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 9 hours ago
30+ USD
I've been working on other things but over the past month been back and forward with this.  I need to store fractals in an array to compare them.  Recent fractal lower than last fractal and last fractal higher than third last fractal. Plot a buffer on the middle fractal. The same for low fractals. (image included). So the dots are fractals that plot fine if a fractal has a higher/lower pair of fractals either...
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Indicators Consultation Yesterday
30 - 200 USD
I need an indicator that plots a horizontal trend line on 2 or more exact same price points, not 1 point higher/lower but the exact same.  I want it to extend out into the future until it gets hit, than once it gets hit it disappears or deletes itself with also the option to keep the plotted line there.  I need these lines with 2 different colours so it can be input variables and also if its above/below it is also 2...
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Indicators Yesterday
Modification of ZXplus EA V8 (personal job)
30+ USD
Hello, This job is simply removing restricted access coding on the zxplus EA V8.  As it is now, an account number is needed and EA has to be compiled.  I need the EA to work without an account number, password, or any other type of restriction.  It also needs to work uncompiled, as this is for purposes of running optimization software on multiple pairs at a time.  Will attach file in next post Thanks!
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Indicators Experts Yesterday
Open Trades when signal indicate (personal job)
100+ USD
Hi, I want to open the new job here, will write again all the rules, with slight modifications. Can  you please update me on the job now? Thanks a lot.
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Experts Yesterday
500 - 2000 USD
I have a forex EA that trades based on set rules. It is profitable at certain times of the day but not always.  I want it to get smarter and learn. So I want Integration of some kind of AI or Machine learning into it so it can look into past data and live data and get smarter and smarter day by day.
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Experts Integration Statistics and mathematics Strategy optimization Yesterday
Update the existing indicator "AllFisherTransform_v2.0 600+" w/ signal arrows and alert (personal job)
50+ USD
aleksandar, kindly update this indicator "AllFisherTransform_v2.0 600+" as per our conversation... - arrows must be added on top & bottom of the candle not far from it - a signal alert must also be added - if possible i can "adjust" the "size" of that arrow signal - you can also add in the parameters for the "arrows" when it crosses the zero line,on the weaken bar (or that "thick" bar before it change it to...
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Indicators Yesterday
EA Based on moving average (personal job)
30+ USD
BUY Entry: 20 movingaverage above the 200 moving average next Candle closeabove the 20 moving average RSI Linecrosses above the 55 line (RSI Period 42) ADX Linecrosses the 30 Level All theIndicators have (True/False) Option including both moving average Exit entry: Candleclose below the 20 moving average line …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. SELL Entry: 20 movingaverage below the 200...
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Experts Yesterday
200+ USD
NY gold trading open at  1800 NY time and closes at 1700 NY time sun thru friday  All positions should be  closed by 16;45 every trading day From the MQL5 trading platform, when I select the autotrader button a panel should open up on the left side of the screen. panel should be a single column and have the following info:   status       on       off symbol        GC  ENTRY LEVEL  up/down ______...
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Experts Design Panels and dialog boxes Strategy optimization Product Design Yesterday