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30 - 75 USD
EA needs to be capable of recognizing spacing in pips between 14 & 50 EMA, 50 & 200 EMA. Spacing requirements should be modifiable in EA "inputs" section. Should also be 2 separate inputs for 15M chart and 1H chart. EA should send text alert after candle close on other side of 50 EMA (towards 200 EMA). After spacing requirement is met. EA should send text alert after 14/50 EMA cross towards 200 EMA. After spacing...
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Experts 4 hours ago
30+ USD
Hi, I have an EA I need reverse engineering from scratch, I need this done in a timely manner, only serious coders. If you are a beginner, avoid this, as you will only get paid when the results of the EA you build and I provide, match the results to the exact cent. Thanks, Professional coders, message me and get the ball rolling.
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Experts 6 hours ago
30 - 200 USD
Hi there, I need indicator conversion from mt4 to mt5 each indicator are depending each other, total indicators are 7. Main indicator that calling/depend each other are : tenang, pasangan, inti, solid 4H, go4H Additional indicators are : radar, entry signal we can discuss via chat about the indicators and about the budget thank you
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Indicators Converting 9 hours ago
30+ USD
I will like an automated expert advisor that will work in real time as I will want to leave it on a server to generate profit. Signals will be generated as follows:  If Bollinger band(middle Bollinger band) is above/higher than Moving Average and bar closes below highest Bollinger band  and the next bar closes above Highest Bollinger band(thus bar has to close, not only move above), a long position will be opened...
8 Applications
Experts 11 hours ago
90+ USD
I have trade signals i get by telegram channel I'm not an admin so I cannot add a bot to the group, I would like to have a robot designed to read those message for trade inputs and open based on the signals. EA must be able to scan my telegram Message app  Read signals sent  Open trades on the mt4. Then for Take Profit and Stop Loss I would like a user interchangeable function where I can choose tp1, tp2, tp3, and...
3 Applications
Experts Integration 11 hours ago
30 - 100 USD
hi i need indicator that simply draw a single horizontal line when i click on it and can draw as many lines as possible so i can draw so many lines with it on my chart same as the one that comes with mt4 but mine should have more editing features like . every line i pick should have the feature for me to add zone to that line and the zone should be equal on both below and above of the line and i should be able to...
8 Applications
Indicators 11 hours ago
Simple martingale integration training (personal job)
30+ USD
Hello, I want to learn to integrate a martingale in my EA simple (one buy one orders, no reversing, 2 conditions). I already have the EAs and I have some code bases acquired with forexsb. I want to learn to incorporate a martingale with a multiplier of 2 of the lots if previous lost. I want a text file with a step-by-step tutorial Looking forwardVincent
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Indicators Experts Yesterday
Make EA based on RSI (personal job)
40 - 60 USD
That are the entries: 1.                 Enter size order (numbers of lot); 2.                 Slip 3.                 Enter order SHORT when RSI cross from the bottom to up (max level)(True or false); 4.                 Enter order SHORT when RSI cross from the top to bottom (maxlevel) (True or false); 5.                 SL for orders that cross the max level; 6.                 TP for orders that cross the...
1 Application
Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Yesterday
30+ USD
The expert based on the following conditions : 1- open buy with lot( changeable) when     the fast moving average cross over the slow moving average  from below  and candle closed above the cross over and parabolic sar dot below the candle  . 2- open sell with double  lot( changeable)  of the previous open trade when     the  fast moving average cross  over the slow moving average  from above  and candle...
14 Applications
Experts Yesterday
30+ USD
Hi. I want to change this indicator to a multi time frame version(1). Add some different arrow Types(2).Option to change the distance between the arraw and Bars(3). No other change in the calculation . send me please the required fee for it..... thanks //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|...
5 Applications
Indicators Yesterday
30 - 50 USD
1/ EA require to manage 2 different trade signals from telegrammessaging. 2/ EA places trades either instant or pending. 3/ EA should close partial trades & move stop loss to positiveside of breakeven after 35 pips with user changeable input. 4/ EA should read signals every one minute or more (user changeableinput). 5/ Must be able to have password and login to access the EA  6/ EA to have money management based...
5 Applications
Experts Yesterday
200 - 300 USD
Hi there, I need a programmer who can program an indicator like the indicator in the picture (Pink arrows only). The final indicator needs to show Pink arrows in real time. I will give you more information as you start work. You can use MQL4 or cAlgo.
7 Applications
Indicators Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Yesterday
100 - 200 USD
HI I am looking for EA/Indicator/Script generating  program/API for my website, where clients can create/design their own ( EA/Indicator/Script) based on their strategy, It should have option to import the custom indicators It will have option for Money management/ log management/ time management/hedging options/pending order/limit order/trialling stop/ stealth mode/ equity protection/ close...
3 Applications
Experts Integration Yesterday
50+ USD
Hello, I have an indicator which currently gives signal setups when there are 3 drives (5 wave pattern). I would like the current indicator which shows 3 drives to show more data. Once the current indicator shows a signal, i want the new indicator to display additional data, that is all. This can be either a creation of new indicator displaying data by calling the current indicator or the current indicator modified...
8 Applications
Indicators Converting Yesterday
30 - 70 USD
It's a auto trader for binary options. Once the indicator display a up arrow the auto trader will open a buy option with an expiry of 3 mins. If the trades loses money it will apply the martingale method , the auto trader will allow the user to select if he wants to apply the martingale method or not
8 Applications
Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Yesterday
An Expert Advisor based on Band Indicator (personal job)
60+ USD
Need an EA to Place buy or sale order based on the indicator signal together with buy stop and buy limit. Should have option to set the distance between buy stop/ buy limits orders  with take profit. Same goes for sale order.Indicators gives multiple buy or signal.  EA should only take the first buy or Sale signal and ignore the rest.
1 Application
Experts Yesterday
30+ USD
The MQL5 indicator files are attached. These MQL5 files are already conversed but they contain errors. Only two files of five MQL5 files need to be corrected. MQL4 files also attached.
5 Applications
Converting Yesterday
100 - 140 USD
1. Convert MQ5 fisher indicator indicator to MTF MQ5 fisher indicator.Thanks Just to have an idea of what I want I have attached fisher _v1 exe file and it MTF version Programmer fisher _v1 exe has to be in mq4 indicator before its MTF version can work on mq4 platform .Note that this is just to have an idea of what I want. You are working on MQ5 fisher converting it to MTF mq5 fisher 2. Convert AFL winners and...
2 Applications
Indicators Experts C++ C# Python Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2018.07.21
150 - 350 USD
I have a detailed flowchart for a strategy which I developed in Excel.  The strategy uses its own formulas and logic and also fetches data from a MySql database to be used in the calculations.  (There is only one common "indicator" used.  Everything else involves mathematical calculations). The flowchart is actually an Excel workbook which provides (a) the flow of logic and (b) examples of every formula involved in...
8 Applications
Converting Statistics and mathematics MySQL 2018.07.21
30+ USD
can anyone fix this ea, it does not open any live orders on my demo or live account? but does open them in the backtest. also i want to be able to open the pending order above or below the current market price. for example i want to manually insert my buy or sell order at the begining of the week and this will keep opening a buy or sell at the open price of my origional buy or sell order, so i dont lose much money....
6 Applications
Experts 2018.07.21