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100 - 150 USD
Hello I need a MT5 indicator for Depth of market alerts.  When the volume (ask size or Bid size) is greater than certain level ( which should be taken by input parameter) say 100 then it should alert with actual volume(size) , Bid or ask side and the price at that volume. You can use the standard Alert function. This indicator should have DOM support. Im looking for an indicator that can show me when someone is...
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Indicators 37 minutes ago
30 - 50 USD
Hi there,  Good day. I use a certain Parabolic Sar setting for my trades and a code base of Mt4 but it does not work in Mt5. I need someone to make the necessary changes so that it works in Mt5. I have attached the code base file in this message. Thank you for your time. Please try to help.  Regards Mahbub
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Indicators Experts 1 hour ago
400+ USD
Hello, I have an  alert that is sent out of Sierra Charts with a buy order or sell order to an email that has API functionality.  I need an expert advisor built to constantly read the emails, make the trade per the body of the email, close out the open trade, and then delete the email.  I would like the expert advisor to trade 10 currency pairs at a time.  Once completed, I would like you to explain how it was...
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Experts 1 hour ago
Crytpo volume api (personal job)
200+ USD
Project of volume indicator for mt4 for cryptocurrencies the indicator caracteristics: - the volume data used by this indicator should be import from an API - the histogram should highlight severals situation as describe below (an indicator called "ibettervolume" as been sent to the programmer as exemple):     - climax up     - climax down     - high volume churn     - low volume over x bars     - highest...
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Indicators 1 hour ago
Add new rules for existing EA 18-Jan-2018 (personal job)
30+ USD
Hi Bro, I have sent you the details about the job. Need to add 2 rules for the existing EA (continuation to the last job) - SL Rule & a filter for opening the orders based on the trend. Go through the details that I sent & let me know if any questions.
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Experts 2 hours ago
30+ USD
Spécifiez votre spécification des exigences ici point par point. Essayez de décrire brièvement et clairement vos besoins afin que votre développeur potentiel puisse évaluer correctement sa complexité et son coût, ainsi que le temps d'exécution requis. Une description incorrecte ou trop générique entraînera l'ignorance de votre commande, ou vous passerez beaucoup de temps à négocier les détails avec chaque candidat...
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Experts 3 hours ago
100+ USD
Hi, Need an experienced developer to create expert adviser based on strategy based on candlesticks only without any indicators. Details will be shared with selected developer only. Developer should have experience in coding basic things like trailing stop, break even, stop loss, trailing stop in mql5. Developer should be in contact with sources like skype so that we can clarify ideas or doubts while developing...
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Experts 3 hours ago
80+ USD
Hello. I have a EA that was delivered for one Freelancer wrong and now another reviewed wrong again and delivered with Bugs. Would contract you to make it work properly.  How the EA Works: Is a Binary Option EA that work in a way that if price reach a horizontal line (manually inserted in the chart) it push alerts on Telegram. There are few rules and strategiess behind it, and I don't want to change it for now...
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Experts 4 hours ago
Modified to existing EA (personal job)
50+ USD
For my existing EA, I need to second recovery function on it. In this secondary recovery, it able to manually set the variable area and write only those variable which should be coded.
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Indicators Experts 5 hours ago
Swing trade (personal job)
75+ USD
thank you for you excellent job , i will deal with you alywes my friend,  thanks again.  khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled khaled
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Experts 5 hours ago
60 - 130 USD
Hello, I need an ExpertAdvisor for MT4 based on 3 indicators: MACD + SMA(apply to), RSI, & Forceindex. The tradingrules (conditions for entry and exception) and my preferences for the EA are inthe attached zip. Regards,
17 Applications
Experts 6 hours ago
EA-Random Number (personal job)
90+ USD
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545; min-height: 14.0px}The EA should calculate its profits and losses independently for itself based on its own closed positions. The EA should be able to work on independently on different pairs, so the EA for each pair will make calculations for...
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Experts 8 hours ago
30+ USD
EA building project requirement   I need a winning EA for XAUUSD(Gold)   1.      This EA mustbe making a minimum of 250% profit everyyear. 2.      The EA must make profit from the year 2002 to2017 3.      The EA must have stop loss 4.      Take profit or trailing stop can be added if youthink is needed. 5.      The EA must maintain low drawdown. 6.      Minimum deposit for this EA should not be morethan...
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Experts Forex 9 hours ago
70+ USD
The EA Should be able to Take Positions (Either Buy or Sell) based on the levels of the %K and %D together and not just either one of them. For Example, when the %K and %D levels both reach above 80 (or any other number which should be configurable by me for %K as well as %D), the EA should open a Sell Position. And if the %K and %D reach below 20 the EA should open a Buy Position. The Chart Time Frame should also be...
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Indicators Experts 9 hours ago
30 - 60 USD
Gentlemen, A Multi Frame Stochastic Slow - RSI - BB EA  required to enter and exit the Forex and Metal Market as attached. A BUY SIGNAL 1- When the candle closes outside the BB, and, 2- When the Stochastic K% crossing D% below the 20 and then go over 20, and, 3- When the RSI go below 30, then over 30 This gives buy order, and vice versa for the SELL SIGNAL RSI Levels Stochastic Slow
7 Applications
Experts 9 hours ago
30+ USD
Hello experts, looking for someone who can write a basic EA based on NonLag MA color change. With all other popular options in the EA (SL/TP etc) Will share the template/indicator upon reply. Thank you.
10 Applications
Indicators Experts 10 hours ago
30 - 40 USD
Parametros de entrada: Take profit Volume Horario de inicio do Robo Lucro diario total Time frame: M5 M15 M30 H1 Descrição: O Robo eve começar a funcionar no horario setado no campo (horario de inicio do robo) Pode ser escolhido um ou mais time frames. Se vela anterior for negativa, abre venda  (TP) Se vela anterior for positiva, abre compra (TP) Se lucro diario total for atingido, deve se encerra todas...
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50 - 250 USD
I have an indicator from another broker, but their indicator is password encrypted. I want to make it my own for my clients with password encryption. Basically copy their indicator. Or maybe develop a slightly better one.  Read the Rules Using the Freelance service to place and execute the Orders violating the law (decompilation, creating malware or spyware, etc.) is forbidden. Administration
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75 - 120 USD
Looking tocreate an EA for an existing strategy that must be compatible with Meta trader4. The system core strategy is based on trend following by using movingaverage, position sizing and my own personal risk management formula that is basedon ATR( Average true range) volatility.. I’m not looking for just an excellent programmer,I’m looking for someone who pays attention to the smallest details as well assomeone who...
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30+ USD
Have two indis, they are main window; need them sep window.Have some issue that one only shows one label.MTF HAMA & MTF MA CROSS.Attachment is depicting MTF HAMA and a histogram style separate window, which specifies the look for both histogram indicators.Codes are available after award is accepted.This is project is easy easy however I'm unsure about MTF HAMA logic and also need MTF MA Cross as a separate window.
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