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Need help creating a simple MT 4 EA (personal job)
80+ USD
Every Entry Point opens with 3 orders, and individual ExitPoint -         TP 1 -         TP 2 -         Opposite Entry Point -         If TP 1 and TP 2 never achieve, will closetogether at Opposite Entry Point   Entry Point   Buy Order Buy Order above the BLUEline -         When the blue dot appears, open Buy Order LotSize no.1  Buy Order below the RED line -         When the blue dot appears, open Buy...
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Experts 8 minutes ago
30 - 200 USD
Hello. I am not asking anybody to teach me how to trade. I have my own stratey, and idea I want to implement in ea. I have tried to write rules and setup for ea, but it is not understandable by programmers. I would like a programmer who can guide or suggest ways to help me write or modify my rules or setup where any programmer can understand and able to program it into ea. I am willing to pay for your time to help me...
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Experts Consultation 3 hours ago
50+ USD
Fix some bugs with multi currency - multi timeframe EA. now the backtest doesnt work correctly, and need to check other functions to make sure they work correctly. Experienced developer only.
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Experts 5 hours ago
50+ USD
I need script get trade from telegram to mt4/mt5. Place order direct on mt4 with TP and SL. Delete order if require. Place   stoploss and take profitt. message is like this:
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Experts 8 hours ago
70 - 300 USD
hello i need indian or pakistani developer for my work who can talk in hindi/urdu language but if any person is interested to do work for me on weekly/monthly fix salery basis he is also wellcome we talk more about this job
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Indicators Experts 11 hours ago
Combine 2 Indicators and Modify Alert Settings (MT4 + MT5 versions) + Convert MT4 Indicator to MT5 (personal job)
85+ USD
Hello, We haven't worked together before, but you applied to my last project and I retained the link to your services since it appears that you have a lot of experience and are very professional. This project is two parts. The first is to add the indicator settings of the inpEWO Oscillator indicator to the CCI_ZigZag_Arrows_+_Alerts Indicator and then modify the alert settings of the CCI_ZigZag_Arrows+Alerts so...
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Indicators Converting Yesterday
100 - 140 USD
HeyAll, Ineed an EA with the following possible settings:           NewsRelease Time => TradeOpenDate           StartSeconds - the time for placing pending orders before the news           Cancel Seconds - time for cancellation of pending orders after the news BuyOrderDistance - distance to the Buy order SellOrderDistance - distance to the Sell order OCO(Cancel Second Order => ON /...
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Experts C++ C# Python Trading robot/indicator debugging Yesterday
Swing JFD15 (personal job)
30 - 68 USD
"LONGS" We only take positions if they take place between 09H and 13H. We only take a position if there is no other position in progress. - the simple 40-period moving average is greater than the 60-period simple moving average (bullish market) - the current candle fence is higher than the previous 10-period high (breakout) - the candle fence before the candle current is higher than the highest of the 10 periods...
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Experts Yesterday
30 - 40 USD
Hello It's a modify job my old EA and remove my old strategy and replaced my new stragety and It's simple strategy to make write to it easy I would like to give you a brief explanation of how this strategy works and This strategy will work based on the currency strength indicator across Other indicators have shown the same signals and I want to (enter in market) to put the order The (ccfp diff) currency strength...
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Experts Yesterday
30+ USD
حدد مواصفات المتطلبات الخاصة بك هنا نقطة تلو الأخرى. حاول وصف متطلباتك لفترة وجيزة وبشكل واضح ، حتى يتمكن المطور المحتمل من تقييم تعقيده وتكلفته بشكل صحيح ، وكذلك وقت التنفيذ المطلوب. سيؤدي الوصف السيئ أو العام جدًا إلى تجاهل طلبك ، أو ستقضي وقتًا طويلاً في التفاوض على التفاصيل مع كل مقدم طلب. تذكر: منRemember: It is better to spend thirty minutes to prepare a good text than to lose hours and days to resolve...
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Design Collection of data on the internet Yesterday
500+ USD
DEVELOPING A PAYMENT WEBSITE USING PAYPAL AND OTHER PAYMENT SYSTEMS   I want a simple website where i can market my software/trading tools and payment system through paypal..this is where someone can send me his or her purchase  order and pay  through paypal upon the supplier or  software/trading  softwares
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Other Yesterday
Add new additional logic to existing EA (personal job)
30 - 150 USD
Add new logic to reversals EA. Add logic to every existing EA , EA 1 TO 8 /*input*/ bool            newlogi1=true;//EA1   NEW logic  is enabled //OLD LOGIC IS DISABLED /*input*/ bool            newlogi2=true;//  EA2  NEW logic  is enabled ...etc for all 8 eas/magics The new logic opens a trade on EA1 using existing signals , it records NEW logic signal, all other eas use these signals  +  step entry. The new...
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Experts Yesterday
30+ USD
EA Minion Scalper It is catching stronger Forex market movements to open trades for a short time. When the market is moving faster than usually, than EA is placing pending order and wait some short time for order activation. If the pending order has been activated and the price is definitely going into the started direction, the robot places next pending orders to earn as much as possible from this price movement....
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Java JavaScript Forex Yesterday
Need a EA based on 2 custom indicators (personal job)
50 - 100 USD
EA based on indicators with stop loss and take profit ea name and comments high and low signal send notification open trade based on indicators close trades based on custom indicators automatic stop ea during high impact news
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Collection of data on the internet Forex Yesterday
50 - 70 USD
A. Trading Parameters which SHOULD be Opimised. 1. Eqillibruim Profit Percentage =1% of Account size balance 2. Equillibruim Loss Percentage =5%  of Account Size Balance 3. Start lot=0.01lot (Start Lot should automatically increase by 0.01 when Account Size Balance(ASB) increase by every        $250. For  example ASB of $250= 0.01l0t, when ASB reaches $500 = 0.02lot, When ASB reaches $750 = 0.03lot, When ASB...
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Experts Yesterday
30 - 200 USD
Tentukan Spesifikasi Kebutuhan Anda di sini poin demi poin. Coba buat mendeskripsikan persyaratan kamu secara singkat dan jelas, buat pengembang potensial Kamu bisa mengerti dengan benar dan biaya, begitu juga waktu eksekusi yang diperlukan. Deskripsi yang buruk atau terlalu umum akan menghabiskan pesanan Anda diabaikan, atau Anda akan menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk merundingkan detail dengan setiap pemohon. Ingat...
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Experts Other Collection of data on the internet 2019.04.19
30+ USD
I want the EA to calculate and take into account swap and commision fees,  add also a timer for working hours,( opening and closing, 24h format) and to fix the time the ea will keep positions open( that it already has. but is not working) and to check and correct if possible  the warnings that shows right now.
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Experts Integration Forex 2019.04.19
MA cross Specific lines (personal job)
60+ USD
hi  i need a specific indicator that will trace lines on the chart and alert me when those lines will be crossed by MA. I want the indicator to have 10 data entry. let s take usdjpy for example. it has 3 digits at the end. so for the entries i can pu for example. - 000 - 100 - 300 - 500 - 750 so it will trace lines on the chart based on those steps that i will provide...
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Indicators 2019.04.19
30 - 40 USD
hello i want to develop indicator ont he base of the conitions which is writen in the atached document i have also more work indian/pakistan developer will be preferable who can undersand and talk in hindi/urdu but if any other developer is interested he is also wellcome
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Indicators 2019.04.19
100 - 400 USD
Hi! Script Needed  I need a script that I can make calls like:  OpenChart("EURUSD",1440, "default.tpl");  OpenChart("USDCHF",1440, "alternative1.tpl");  OpenChart("USDJPY",1440, " alternative2.tpl");  and have the charts open. As well, I also need a delay variable to allow for a number of seconds between each chart opening.  EA Needed I also need an expert adviser that will 1) close orders that hit a...
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Indicators 2019.04.19