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30+ USD
A Buy arrow is printed when Stochastic oscillator exits from the Oversold Zone. A Sell arrow is printed when Stochastic oscillator exits from the Overbought Zone. Signals can appear in non-alternate manner i.e. a buy signal can be printed after  a previous buy and similarly a sell signal can be printed after a previous sell. The signals thus generated must be exported to csv real time.
4 Applications
Indicators MQL4 47 minutes ago
100+ USD
Hello, I'm looking for a developer to help write me a basic EA that will have scope for more development in the future. It will be trading more than one currency pair at a time and it must be able to be backtested, hence why the job is in MQL5
13 Applications
Experts MQL5 7 hours ago
100 - 150 USD
I am not going to explain to much in here , because i need to ask something of you before i explain everything in detail. based on what you can tell me i will give more information. this ea will run on a  5 day graph. ( 5 true range) basically i want a ea that trades using : donchain ( 20 day ) The sma (14) . Mac D (14 , 26). when the pips break through the donchain resistance line 2 times ,when the sma 14...
9 Applications
Experts MQL4 English Forex Stocks 9 hours ago
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I want to develop a semi-automated martingale EA similar, but differs in some points, to Overview: 1-     The EA will not open tradesof its own but when I press the button 2-     The EA will use martingaleto open a sequence of orders till reach the TP 3-     The EA could start newcycle till reach certain time or price I will provide details later.  Thanks
7 Applications
Experts MQL4 Forex 9 hours ago
30 - 50 USD
extern int p1_timeframe extern datetime p1_startdatetime extern datetime p1_enddatetime extern int p2_timeframe extern datetime p2_startdatetime extern datetime p2_enddatetime extern int p3_timeframe extern datetime p3_startdatetime extern datetime p3_enddatetime Get Hi,Low point for 3 timeframes between the times passed from extern params and plot arrow on chart for Hi and Low of each timeframe.
4 Applications
Indicators MQL5 10 hours ago
35+ USD
I need an indicator which can detect 2 more lower lows after price has made a low . say price makes a low then takes a reverse then again makes a new low , again goes back and again drops more lower than previous low .  so the 2nd low will be lower than first low and 3rd low will be lower than 2nd low . there should be some candles difference between 1st low to 2nd lower low and from 2nd low to 3rd lower low . if...
2 Applications
Indicators Experts MQL4 Forex 11 hours ago
30 - 100 USD
1Opening one or more pending order positions at a specified time and date on each currency pair I want to trade2Opening the position only if the spread doesn't reach a maximum level you can manually setup / maximum spread to open an order3Auto break even the trade as soon as the position is reaching profit after spread and slippage4Setting trailing stops (on/off function), trailing size and trailing steps or manual...
2 Applications
Experts MQL4 Yesterday
30 - 100 USD
The expert adviser main is to open opposite orders when i manually place a trade, ie when i sell(123.45) it will open a pending order buy(133.45), with a lot size determined by the multiplier, and if the buy limit is triggered before the target was reached the it opens another sell limit on the same price of the previous sell(123.45) hence keeping the recovery zone the same until the target is reached.   The expert...
9 Applications
Experts MQL4 Yesterday
30+ USD
Programmer adjusted forex robot and it worked in real account for test. I accepted job. Unfortunately the robot doesn't work launched again. Find unin reasons 1, 5 and 6. Could anybody adjust this one more time. I could say what's the account I wish to lauch it exactly. The issue with other robot is whatever spread I set (or don't set at all) I see in panel "spread limit 0.0" and lots of "spread over limit" in my...
4 Applications
Experts Yesterday
150 - 250 USD
This (separate-window) panel have to be builded with using classes and libraries (articles written by Anatoli Kazharski) or with better modification based on this graphical interface OOP programing. Has to be compatible with both MT5/MT4 also.  Attribute enumeration : - Of course there should be an option to minimalize and close panel. Panel consists of several buttons (imaged icons), active color bar and one...
4 Applications
Integration MQL5 MQL4 Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Uploading data to a website English Yesterday