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150 - 200 USD
This is jaffar khan from Abu Dhabi lot of experience in trading market according to clients requirements hard working in this platform profit will depend on market condition, forex marketing is the passion for me being marketer I try my best output benefits for clients in future.
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Experts 51 minutes ago
30 - 150 USD
I am looking for trading robot (EA) with following features: You will propose/provide strategy and working EA (working robot).    01-   Work with MT5 02-   Work with most of the forex pair. We can have more than one EA to cover most of the forex pairs.   **********************************   03-   We want to use a trading robot (EA) for forecasting (and comparison). Therefore, we need a trading robot, that...
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Experts 54 minutes ago
30 - 50 USD
An expert advisor required for an intraday trading strategy. uses channel indicator and divergence.  the system works on the concept that price must return to a mean value after been extended  we trade the mean reversion setup. conditons for trade are simple.  price must be outside the channel. we only use a valid candle close outside the channel. that is price closed outside the channel we watch to see if...
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 1 hour ago
200+ USD
AN EXPERT ADIVISOR BASED ON EMA CROSS AND PRICE BOUNCE.-DIVERGENCE AND 123 REVERSAL SWING STRATEGY Expert advisor to have password and security. source code to be delivered after programming.  debugging services required to ensure code runs according to strategy. move stop on trade when stacked profit is reached. divergence indicator available for the job.
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 1 hour ago
30 USD
We need a Russian programmer if possible, to translate an expert wrote by a Russian developer, once we run the expert it looks like that We need to translate the comments inside of the expert and the information it shows out in the platform  best regards  Ahmed
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Experts Translation 2 hours ago
Modification to Abu_Scalp (personal job)
45+ USD
Abu_ScalpModification Strategy TWO Modification 1. Add MinTakeProfit  toST2    2. Add TPOnSLRatio to ST2   3. RemoveAll The Following:  ST1RsiFilter                  = true; ENUM_TIMEFRAMES         ST1RsiTF                      = PERIOD_CURRENT; ST1RsiPeriod                  = 9; ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE      ST1RsiApplied                 = PRICE_CLOSE; ST1CheckRsiLevels             =...
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Indicators Experts 3 hours ago
30 - 200 USD
Hello,  Looking for someone to develop an EA with two simple indicators. first indicator is Renko, simple buy and sell with increasing lot size based on equity. First indicator is attached confidentiality is of importance to us Please contact me for further details
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex 5 hours ago
30+ USD
Modification request. A time ago you made a modification request.  You added the timer to Montiero_ea and made it Montiero_ea_1_3. This added a time parameter after a position was closed.  The next position could not open until "X" time was complete. I would like the same done to Montiero_ea_4 and Montiero_ea_5. I've enclosed the past Modification for your reference. Please let me know if you have any questions...
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Experts 5 hours ago
Update EA (personal job)
30+ USD
Hi Pupkov.  Estimate please update for 4.43. 1) Let´s asusme: TouchesA = 3 TouchesB = 2 TouchesC = 0 A = 1.00500 B = 1.00000 C = 1.0500 Tolerance = 100 Ea first finds abc as usual. After, EA must find at minimum 3 touches in 3 differents bars between A and B (any cross between 1.00400 and 1.00600, cause tolerance = 100); 2 touches between B and C (any cross between 0.99900 and 1.00100) and 0 after C...
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Experts 6 hours ago
Session Market Open Breakout EA for mt4 (personal job)
50+ USD
1.      EA will detect the high price and low pricebetween   5.00th hours to 9.00thHour. (At GMT +3.00 broker time currently. It will adjust automatically atwinter GMT +2.00). 2.      If the price breaks higher after 9.00thhour, EA will open buy trade at breakout candle closing price and put the stoploss at lowest price.    3.      If the price breaks lowest price after 9thhour, EA will place sell trade according...
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Experts 7 hours ago
30 - 40 USD
You will make a new Expert Adviser for MT4 Platform. You will give me ex4 and mq4 file. EA will have different options which can be enabled or disabled. It will have features which will be as follows-( All options will be optional which can be enabled or disabled)- Hidden stop loss, Hidden take profit, Hidden trailing stop loss, Time to Trade for EA – Start time and End time (At the end time, there might be a...
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Experts 7 hours ago
40+ USD
EA based on price crossing defined horizontal level and consisting of two twin parts that handle opposite positions.No indicators required only using some simple math calculations and  dynamic account management.Details will be attached.
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Experts Statistics and mathematics 7 hours ago
CAP UNIVERSAL GRID convert mt5 (personal job)
30 - 100 USD
Can you convert cap universal grid to mt5?  i can use cap channel trade with universal grid, after convert? how much money to this job? just to complete form, if you can add feature, input last grid order with stoploss very close to control loss money. exemple order 1 - 1 lot order 2 - 2 lot order 3 - 6 lot (2x 3total lot) order 4 - 50 lot = last grid order --- after this order send stop loss with 2 pips
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Experts 8 hours ago
Atualização EA fornecido (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
boa tarde, estive aver aqui uma possibilidade de aumentar os ganhos do EA que fez para mim.  Gostaria de fazer uma atualização acrescentando uma opção de "true/false"para as ordens irem abrindo em ordem crescente. Exemplo a primeira ordem abre0.01 a segunda ordem irá abrir 0.02 a terceira 0.03 e assim por diante até umlimite que for estipulado como por exemplo 0.3 ou 0.5! Se eu optar por começar a abrir as ordens...
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Experts 9 hours ago
30 - 60 USD
I want to create an indicator that will give entry alerts in position. This indicator will only use price levels to create alerts It will draw support and resistance lines according to a calculation formula He will have to create an alert respecting the required conditions To refine the alerts, the indicator will also use the Rsi indicator If you think you can do this indicator, do not hesitate to contact me...
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Indicators 10 hours ago
150+ USD
robot should be working 22 and 3/4 hours and day and should be programmed to close out any positions 15 minutes prior to comex close each day\ when selecting the autotrade button in the mlq5 platform there should be a box or panel oopened on the left of the screen which will advise of the status of the program'  current status   off   on/running symbol     GC    (but should be changeable) number of contract to...
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Experts Panels and dialog boxes Strategy optimization 11 hours ago
Indicator update (personal job)
150+ USD
An update of the automated channel indicator is required. The update includes the modifications of existing alerts and the additions of some new alerts as well as other areas of the indicator
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Indicators Yesterday
30+ USD
Hello how are you I have an expert programming request based on two basic indicators The two indicators are 1. Moving average (MA) 2-Parabolic SAR (PS) I would like to be an expert and professional   And fluent in Arabic And the price is competitive Has good experience
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Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics Futures C++ Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex Yesterday
Simple manual utilities (personal job)
30+ USD
I would like to have one-click trading utilities like many others in the market. Simply click Buy or Sell button on the panel, and it  will set a take profit, build up a grid of orders, and apply trailing stop but Grid trades only happens at open price of new Candle. I would like to have input parameters below Initial lot - initial lot.Autolot true - enable/disable automatic lot calculation.Autolot size - amount of...
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Experts Other Yesterday
30 - 100 USD
Hello, I would like to make an EA based on sample code. I would like to add to it Money Management like 1% of Equity per transaction and Magic number, to add the EA for many charts. There might be also some stop loos. Regards, Marek
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Experts Yesterday