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50 - 300 USD
Hello. I need a very accurate indicator for renko (that can be of every type: line on chart, oscillator etc.), that should not repaint or recalculate and should work without problems with renko. The most important thing is that the signal of buy/sell of the indicator should avoid/bypass one single renko brick pattern (when there is only one brick in the opposite direction), BUT should not avoid the 2 (or more)...
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Indicators 1 minute ago
Integration of code with new functions and interaction in opening batch (personal job)
50 - 100 USD
English Integration of code with new functions and interaction in opening batch be maintained without altering its characteristics. the code has an integration box that must be inserted above the active codes set code to new mt4 parameters the code should be entered as in the script description any kind of doubt should be taken with me about the integration of the new...
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Experts 4 minutes ago
30 - 90 USD
I am looking for a script or EA (I think script is easier) where I can set 2 price levels, one is lower than the actual price and the other is higher. The script (or EA) should place pending orders in between these 2 price levels. To clarify this a little, I use the Fibonacci tool. After I added Fibonacci to the chart, I want to drag a pending order script to the screen where I enter the 0% and 100% price level from...
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Experts Scripts 12 minutes ago
50 - 85 USD
I need a solution that is very similar to an order of another user that was finished by Juho on 2018.02.27 with some additions (highlighted): The task is to create a connection with Matlab and MetaTrader 4 via ZeroMQ and make 4 sample codes: - send an order for buy/sell of 0.1 lot of EURUSD from Matlab with execution in MT4 - send this order information (order ID number, price)...
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Integration 12 minutes ago
EA For Ammar Ali (personal job)
30+ USD
Job for developer Ammar Ali to develop and EA as desired. The EA is a new product that functions to take advantage of the ranging and trending markets. Good job last time i wanna work with you again.
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging 38 minutes ago
Fix existing EA (personal job)
30+ USD
Fix EA so it will trade in my existing 200:1 leverage account, For some reason when using a lower leveraged account the EA will not take any trades.  This thing wants me to write more words but I don't need to explain anymore for the love of god.  Thanks
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Indicators Experts 1 hour ago
50+ USD
I would like to add a hedging function with a configurable lot size to my existing EA when there is a price reversal. No multiple hedging, but just one direction with a SL. I will need most of the new options as configurable values, but not hard-coded in the EA. All values should be in points Will share more details upon commitment. Thank you!
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Indicators Experts 1 hour ago
New Fractal EA (personal job)
280+ USD
Fractal EA SeriesG TimeFilter: True/False -         Starttime (0=disable) -         Stoptime (0=disable) -         FlatTime(0=disable) Fractals -         LeftUP -         LeftDOWN -         RightUP -         RightDown Trend: True/False (false means: place ordersover and under last fractals) -         FastMA -         SlowMA BREAK EVEN: BE ON/OFF BEactivation – value in pips when BE have to be...
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Experts 1 hour ago
50 - 100 USD
Hi we have create a web socket server in C++,which gates  deals and order of my mt5 server and send it to our client application . we want to convert our non secure web socket  to secure web socket.
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Other C++ 2 hours ago
30+ USD
Hi, I have a working EA which working OK for a long time. Suddenly a few weeks ago, it started generating GetLastOrder error, for all my live accounts with all my brokers. I have the attached error (screenshot) in my EA, and I need to fix this.  This error creates thousand of orders which slows down the trading platform. Please find attached a screenshot of the error. If you have any question, please send me a...
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Experts 3 hours ago
215+ USD
Expert facil para compra y venta en cualquier time frame y use Moving average para darle la opcion de compra o venta. El experto debe tener su take profit y debe contar con manejo de lotajes
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Experts 4 hours ago
50 - 500 USD
Tentukan Spesifikasi Kebutuhan Anda di sini. Coba buat mendeskripsikan persyaratan Anda secara singkat dan jelas, buat pengembang potensial Anda bisa setuju dengan benar dan biayanya, begitu juga waktu eksekusi yang diperlukan. Deskripsi yang buruk atau terlalu umum akan mengakibatkan pesanan Anda diabaikan, atau Anda akan menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk menegosiasikan detail dengan setiap pemohon.Deskripsi yang...
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Experts 8 hours ago
30+ USD
i need a moving average cross with psar trend filter open buy:when the fast ema cross the slow ema in 30 min and the psar in 1h is below the price open sell:when the fast ema croos the slow ema in 30 min and the psar in 1h is above the price take profit stop loss lots Money ManagementTrade on new BarPSAR trend filterBreak EvenSpread FilterTrade max. once per BarClose on Signal (Exit Strategy)Candle TrailATR...
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Experts Forex 9 hours ago
30+ USD
greetings,i am currently looking for a good programmer to help me develop a custom ea using a custom indicator,the strategy will be based on currency correlation,the ea should also have a break even stop loss...thank you
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Experts 9 hours ago
Can you help me do another task? (personal job)
30+ USD
Indicators: SMA of X Period Default MT4 Stochastic of X settings Buy Condition: 1. Price is above X SMA 2. Stochastic upward Cross happens below X stochastic Level 3. Price (body and wick) has been minimally X pips away from SMA for the last X bars Sell Condition: 1. Price is below X SMA 2. Stochastic downward Cross happens above X stochastic Level 3. Price (body and wick) has been minimally X pips away...
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Experts 10 hours ago
30 - 50 USD
I have several EA running on 1 single MT4 platform. I wish to have a functionality that once a trade has been entered by 1 EA, to switch off the other EAs. For example say I have 5 EA running which are A,B C, D and E respectively each EA will enter trade with an unique magic number. Say when a trade has been entered by A, i wish to switch off B C, D and E. Once the trade entered by A is closed, EA is to be switched...
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Other 10 hours ago
50 - 100 USD
Hi, I'm looking for a developer to create an MT4 EA that will utilize the High and Low of a standard time period (5m, 1H, 4H, Daily, Weekly, Monthly) to create a Buy and Sell  pending order based on simplistic math that I will provide.  It will conditionally execute both trades. If executed or not, the EA will create an information "panel" or "Dashboard" across any time frame that shows the Time Frame of the order,...
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Experts Panels and dialog boxes Forex Today
Congestion (personal job)
60 - 80 USD
Hi ! here you can see the specifications It's a breakout expert on ema channel  with drag pending out channel ,,more speed filter and time max  Please clarify the doubts before starting work ,,  Thanks
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Experts Yesterday
Dual RSI (personal job)
100+ USD
This should be an EA and with a trading function and also only for Alarm without trading. It is based on 2 RSI lines which defines the entry points at a certain time. The EA should also have SL TP Trailing and Trading times. For exact definition see file attached
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Yesterday
Stop loss modification. (personal job)
40+ USD
Hello, i would like to modify stop loss conditions, restriction in number of orders to open  and also would like to add two additional part in the EA which will same/copy of existing parts and will work same way.
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Indicators Experts Yesterday