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MQL4 Candlestick EA Indicator (personal job)
75+ USD
Indicator will signal when specific candle stick patterns have occured. Patterns needed: Bull and Bear Engulfing Bull and Bear Harami Hang Man Dark Cloud Hammer Morning Star Evening Star Indicator will identify for use with EA Each pattern will be visually marked by a colored label: Blue for bullish pattern and Red for bearish pattern  I will want source code of final product
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Indicators Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics 53 minutes ago
A resource to simplify the change from one chart to another one (personal job)
85+ USD
The idea is to have an indicator that makes easier to findand change from one chart to another, I should have to install it in everychart I have active, ¿there are another solution to keep it visible all thetime?. Design a interface display with 42 buttons, in a 7x6 format. which all the possible pairs to change for. The idea is that I will be able to locate this interface atany of the four corners of the chart...
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Indicators Statistics and mathematics OpenCL C++ C# Product Design 1 hour ago
50 - 60 USD
Hi, I need to replace an indicator in my EA.  Currently I'm using Point Zero Day Trading and need to replace it to FX Trend MT5.  Also, need to implement a new criteria related to opening new orders in accordance with star rating provided by FX Trend MT5 and bands provided by Use CAP Chanel Trading MT5. FX Trend MT5 rating and interpretation: Rating Interpretation  Get in  Get out 1 star critical trend     No...
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Indicators Experts 2 hours ago
30 - 50 USD
I have an EA that I bought and would like to someone to make something similar but add a few more parameters to it. I put it as an attachment so you can have an idea of what I want. the rest of the parameters is as follows: my broker allows me to have a maximum of 1000 positions open. I am looking for someone that can get the EA to place multiple pending stop orders at the same time. I also I would like for those...
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Experts 3 hours ago
30 - 2000 USD
I am looking for someone to write an Expert Adviser for me based on the following scenario. As for the cost and what I am willing to pay is going to come down to what you think it is worth and how quickly it can be done. My strategy has generated over 75,000 (yes seventy five thousand) pips in 3 weeks. Now the problem that I have is I cant sit in front of a screen 24/5 and trade so I would like to be able to have an...
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Experts 3 hours ago
Modification of breakout EA (personal job)
75 - 120 USD
Hi Hossein, As discussed, I would like you to add a couple of features to the EA you built for me. Features are: Deferred cycle start Multiple cycles per day Thanks David
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Experts 3 hours ago
30 - 60 USD
I have been using bittrex bot for over a year and few days ago it started to report BAD REQUEST (400) error. (my code did not change, something changed in Bittrex) this is my mql code: int nonce = TimeGMT();string uri = ""+api_key+"&nonce="+nonce; StringToCharArray(uri, uri_char, 0, WHOLE_ARRAY, CP_UTF8); string output = CryptCreateSHA512Hash(uri,api_secret);...
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Indicators Experts Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website 4 hours ago
30 USD
Hi programmers I need a grid EA You will have to do everything yourself It will have to be complete with everything: Timetables Continue after this time? Distance between levels Levels Max Spread Etc etc.... Only expert programmers please
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Experts 5 hours ago
2500+ USD
I am looking foran experienced programmer specialized in MQL4 to develop a plug-in forMetaTrader 4. The plug-in is for the processing and distribution  of dividends in relation to opened positionsin shares and indices. You can find a detailed description on how the plug-infunctions below ( examples included) Example 1: A trader has ashort position of 8 Apple shares. On 23.03.2018 (the ex-date) Apple decides topay a...
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Other 5 hours ago
STC EA (personal job)
30+ USD
Same EA as last one. Entry rules Buy = Green arrow + red line below 10 level. Sell = Blue arrow + red line above 90 level. The signal (arrows) should be taken on the same bar. Not the new bar/next bar. For some pairs the 20 and 80 levels is better. Can it be adjustable tothe  level 10, 90 or 20, 80?
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Experts 7 hours ago
50 - 100 USD
I need an adjustable trailing stop loss that will be applied to my open orders and if stop loss is hit will close pending buy/sell stops for the currency pair being traded. I also need it to automatically place pending buy/sell stop orders with predetermined SL and PT.  Example: I manually enter a Long Position on the EurUSd at 1.2050 with a lot size of 1.00 and a stop loss of 10 pips and take profit 30 pips I...
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Scripts Translation 8 hours ago
Candlestick Pattern EA (personal job)
150+ USD
EA places trades based off of Bullish or Bearish Candle Patterns. It will use 2 SMA to determine trend direction and then only follow the candlestick patterns that agree with the trend direction.  For example, if the "Leading" SMA is above the "Base" SMA, then only bullish candles will be used for entry signals. And visa versa, if the "Leading" SMA is below the "Base" SMA, then only bearish candles will be used for...
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Experts 8 hours ago
30+ USD
The indicator does not update itself I always have to refresh the indicator in order for it to display the updated information. 1. I need the indicator to be updated at all time with current market movement. 2. Remove the dashboard information.  Very Simple Task 😁
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Indicators Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex Product Design Today
MA cross marker addition to our Bollinger Bandwidth indicator (personal job)
40+ USD
Hi Arash, A pleasure again! As discussed, I'd like a marker - like the small round green ones you use in some of the indicators you're selling on the market - on every trend line cross up over an MA. No alert system attached to this function is required at this stage - but may be an option for me in the future. Specifics as follows: - Ability to add an MA to the indicator - Fully customisable MA - Ability to...
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Indicators Today
30 - 500 USD
Arbitrageurs come here let me know if you any new arbitrage strategy that is working now days. there are alot of arbitrage strategies  Trianglar, stastical, 1leg, 2 leg, hedge etc i want to know is there any other stratgy??? i would like test it
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Experts Today
100+ USD
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Scripts Yesterday
30+ USD
EA consisting on 2 moving averages crosses, opens and closes orders based on the crosses and overbought/oversold areas of stochastics Attached is the file containing the required EA with some examples Any doubt´s please ask Thanks
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Experts Yesterday
PipFinite Trend PRO automatic EA (personal job)
30+ USD
hi, sell/buy: each time and after the signal apear and the price hit the line make a trade              wich numbers of hit to take the trades  (1st hit yes or no /2nd hit yes or no /3rd hit yes or no....... 10th hit yes or no)             number of bar to take another trade or how many time to take another trade ( trade after 1hr or 2hr ,3hr........ 24hr)  fix TP and SL or on opposite signal i want the history...
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Indicators Design Yesterday
Pending Order EA Update with Zizzag Signal (personal job)
50+ USD
I will add enter the mean Value manually (1.19002) [With Max=100 pips+] [With -Max =100 pips-]. If the price touches the MAX pips the meanValue move 50 pips above if it +100 pips and 50 pips Below for -100 pips. Zigzag indicator will be used for creating pending order. Forthe price above “mean value” it will create sell limit and Sell stop for pricebelow “mean value” it will create the buy limit and buy stop with...
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Experts Yesterday
Need a MT4 programmer for a simple MA trategy (personal job)
50 - 100 USD
The strategy is really simple. A moving average cross strategy as entry and a couple of exit options. The strategy will be explained in a pdf file as soon as I finish it.
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