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150 - 250 USD
This (separate-window) panel have to be builded with using classes and libraries (articles written by Anatoli Kazharski) or with better modification based on this graphical interface OOP programing. Has to be compatible with both MT5/MT4 also.  Attribute enumeration : - Of course there should be an option to minimalize and close panel. Panel consists of several buttons (imaged icons), active color bar and one...
1 Application
Integration MQL5 MQL4 Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Uploading data to a website English 1 hour ago
100+ USD
Want an EA written for me. This EA is to open a trade after certain candle is formed, certain conditions met. Key points Identify candle correctlyIdentify its highest high or lowest low in relation to previous candleCalculate retracements on previous candle.Be able to identify price swings and identify correct candle pattern set up from price swings. Calculate % of Account and open trade with that risk.Open and...
6 Applications
Experts MQL4 1 hour ago
30 - 100 USD
Hi I need make the expert advisor for mt5, like this same signal anybody can you identfy this system?  I see 4 pairs and Correlation and time closes coincided . and no more.
0 Applications
Experts 1 hour ago
30 - 100 USD
Hi, theEA needs to have all these functions:  1Opening one or more pending order positions at a specified time and date on each currency pair I want to trade2Opening the position only if the spread doesn't reach a maximum level you can manually setup / maximum spread to open an order3Auto break even the trade as soon as the position is reaching profit after spread and slippage4Setting trailing stops (on/off...
2 Applications
Experts MQL4 1 hour ago
150 - 200 USD
i need a straight forward martingale ea. martingale strategyis nothing but simple doubling the bet every x number of pips for ex: if u open a long position at price of 30000 my target will be 30100that is 100 pips, but if market comes downs to 100 pips at 29900 1 lot morelong position should be executed so total standing position will be 2 andtarget for both the lost will be 100 points from last brought price that...
11 Applications
Experts MQL4 1 hour ago
30 - 100 USD
The is a freely available MBKASCtrend indicator that provides 5 to 10 signals in a day per currency pair. However, it has a lag of up to three minutes or more from the start of candle formation. Is there anyone who can improve the alert time of this indicator to within 10 seconds of candle formation and maintain its accuracy?
2 Applications
Indicators Experts MQL4 2 hours ago
30+ USD
Need to add RSI and Stochastic to my existing E.A keep RSI and Stochastic oscillator as  user adjustable parameters Lot size formula is already inbuilt in my existing E.A  Existing E.A should work and open positions according to the given filter  parameters. I am attaching the E.A with this job..
3 Applications
Indicators Experts 2 hours ago
100+ USD
Hello, I am looking for someone to code me an EA that will run optimisation on a few parameters every week, and apply these optimized parameters to the next week of trading. It can also be used in bars, for example backrest and optimise  the last 10000 bars. The EA has to be dynamic, meaning that whenever I launch the EA, it will start the first opti/backtest on the last week immediatly and apply the correct...
4 Applications
Experts MQL5 2 hours ago
50 - 90 USD
The information herein is Proprietary and is not authorized to be shared with others nor is it for resale.  The budget for this project is negotiable and is NOT $50 -90 USD as indicated above (the program required an amount; so, I put in an arbitrary dollar figure).  I need an Ichimoku Scanner which scans for the various setups identified below on 3 different time frames of my choice (default should be Weekly,...
5 Applications
Indicators MQL4 English Forex 11 hours ago
30 - 80 USD
hello i need to open many accounts and read account balance it is more than 150 account ; every time i want to read balance ; any one have an idea or solution, note many account in same broker but with deferent servers i want a solution with any langage not only mq4 thank you
6 Applications
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