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30+ USD
EA should work with interplate (false mode)  of STochastic indicator  rule 1st when Stochastic hit a level EA should run grid from that level   Rule EA should run with single trade  rule 2     EA should run grid rule 2 EA should run single trade    ..... Details should be sent via  inbox  1 mint chart 5 mint stocho  , 5 mint chart 15 mint stoch    and so on till monthly TF EA should work when stocho touch  2nd...
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Experts 3 hours ago
Other update (personal job)
120+ USD
As discussed, an update to an already programmed Expert Advisor is required. The update will follow the specifications attached and so on and so forth end end end end end
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Experts 4 hours ago
MA_EAv3 (personal job)
50+ USD
Hossein, Hope all is well, been testing and optimizing the EA and with the right settings it is making 0.5% per day on average (130% APY). It does run into problems when the spread varies drastically at the close/open of the trading day and I wanted to see if you could implement a couple more variables so further optimization could be done. I am needing a time of day option for the EA to run, for instance I would...
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Indicators Experts 5 hours ago
Additional work done to EA (personal job)
60+ USD
Text file attached Additional work done to existing EA. Adding positions Money Management Additional lots added for each new level of profit level Set a risk parameter so EA will trade according to current equity balance and adjust new orders accordingly
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Experts 5 hours ago
250+ USD
Hello, This order is really sample. But i want to be able to use the indicator and EA on both metatrader platforms (MQL4 and MQL5). 4 files to create. The indicator: It has its own window. At 0 without signal... Parameters X : The number of candlesticks to check Y : a multiplier (default: 1) Z : sleep after signal -> true or false The indicator checks HIGH minus LOW for each of the last X candlesticks. Then,...
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Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy modules 6 hours ago
Converting Ea To mt5 and creating better back tester (personal job)
200 - 250 USD
I want you to create a back tester like we talked about in the previous orders Also i would like you to add 1 additional indicator into the ea before you convert the ea to mt5 i will give more of the finer details in the word document like always . this is a big order , but i know from your previous work that you will do it as professional as always
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Scripts Converting Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex Stocks 6 hours ago
30+ USD
The MQL5 indicator files are attached. These MQL5 files are already conversed but they contain errors. After the errors removed make an EA out of every indicators with buy/sell at a defined price and TP/SL function 1. 18 errors  2. 32 errors 3. 32 errors 4. + 5. 24 same errors 6. - 10. MQL4 original files.
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Indicators Converting 7 hours ago
Indi (personal job)
70+ USD
h is really no different than discriminating against someone because of their race. If it were over race, that action would be criminally prosecuted. Other angry protesters are chasing Republicans demanding only their vision should be applied in society. They pursued Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) through a restaurant parking lot yelling at him with a mixture of immigration rhetoric and personal...
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Indicators 7 hours ago
Editing jobs for EA (personal job)
30+ USD
Hello Please i want to know if it is possible for you to add a code to my ea such that when back-testing i can set a figure that the ea will be automatically charging per each opened order for commission not the cancelled orders. the commission charge will be based on per one micro lot... 0.01 = $0.07 , if the lot size increases the commission charges too should be increasing automatically, this means if the lot...
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Indicators Experts 7 hours ago
30 - 35 USD
I need someone who can develop real mt4 statements as per my requirement, for purposes of marketing. One statement will show a risky trading and blow account, while another one will show how an account can grow slowly with little risk. Will pay well. I will pay more than my budget if I get good statements. Budget is USD 250. Or slightly more. I will  fund my account once I get someone to help.
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Experts Other 9 hours ago
30+ USD
Hi good day. I would like an indicator that allows me to color code my support and resistance levels based on the different time frames. I dont mind drawing my own supports and resistances.  However its very tedious to do it on all 32 charts. Thanks. Want the colors to be automatic when on different time frames.
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Indicators Experts Photoshop Forex 9 hours ago
30+ USD
Let say i opened buy order in the amount of 1 lot, now if market starts to go in the opposite direction the ea should open another trades in the direction of the current trend. Their purpose is to gain profit and close partially trade by trade that entire 1lot.  I will pay for the ea only if it will be profitable on strategy tester. That means i will test it by myself.
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Experts 10 hours ago
30 - 100 USD
I have a martingale EA but I need to do some changes. It has some bugs and I neet to fix it. Sometimes it frozen and stop to run. I have many others details to increase this EA. For exemple I need to show on chart a new display with infos and bottons. I have all details to change. I am waiting for quotation. Thanks
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Experts Yesterday
50 - 100 USD
Hello, I would like to pay someone to do the following/Indicator/Script/Anything!!! that will do the following: I am running an 32 charts, on MT4, and mostly on a VPS. I need a mechanism, that for each chart individually, it would count the number of trades performed, and once my defined limit (for each chart) has been reached, the EA on that chart would stop trading for the rest of the day.  Scenario: "EURUSD M1"...
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Indicators Other Yesterday
30+ USD
HI, we would like to convert the attached MT4 Expert advisor to  MT5 Expert Advisor . anyone that can help ?  The expert advisor should be fully operational on MT5 as it was on MT4
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Converting Yesterday
External stand alone hedge manager (personal job)
30 - 80 USD
external stand alone hedge manager  will hedge trades of other magic numbers as follows input int TakeProfitForHedge=500; input int DistanceBetweenInitialAndHedge=500;//  if zero  hedge at profit of TRIGGERProfitForHedge=500; input int StopLossForHedge=1000; input int HedgeMagicNumber=460771; input bool MAXIMUMHedge=2;// MAXIMUM HEDGE TRADES  TRADES PER INSTRUMENTS  ONLY 2 HEDGE TRADES input int...
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Experts Yesterday
30+ USD
My news trading EA only works on demo accounts. When you drag it onto a live account it doesn't get the live news information and it doesn't trade.  1. On the demo account right now it works fine, it displays the news event info fine on the charts.  2. On a live account, it doesn't display the news event info on the charts and the EA doesn't work. This needs to be fixed.
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Indicators Experts Yesterday
100 - 300 USD
Hello Coders!! I need someone to develop for me a bridge (internet trade copier) between Ninjatrader 7 and 8  and Metatrader 5 and 4. 1. Ninja Trader should be sending the trades to Metatrader 5 and 4. 2. Pending, Execution and modification of TP/SL, and Lot/Contract selection by Trade Receiver (  3. Unlimited receivers. 4. Provider should ask to add the...
4 Applications
Scripts Design Futures C++ C# Java JavaScript HTML Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Yesterday
30+ USD
i have this martingale EA on open source and want to modify some parameters. also i want it to connect to a market indicator i bought from mql5 in ex4 form.
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Indicators Experts Yesterday
30+ USD
Hi: I follow an app which provides signal. It provides signal on the basis of 5m,15M etc,,I have a logic on the basis of which when this App provide signal for Buy or Sell in 5M and 15M order shall be placed or Closed.  Requirements is the This EA shall be deployed on a VM It shall keep refreshing App every Minute to trace App Signal for 5M and 15M If it finds some suitable scenario as per defined logic it shall...
1 Application
Experts Yesterday