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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

There is one thread in Russian forum where the users are discussing the criterias to subscribe to the signal (to the any signal).
Subscribers, signal providers and future possible subscribers/providers are participating.

And it is the summary post from this thread - what we should consider (what we should know etc) to select the signal for subscription (machine translation from Russian to the English).

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I need your advice on which signal to choose for subscription.

jori77 , 2019.11.11.24 15:48

+ Know the signalman in person, so that he has personal responsibility (or his face)

+ Signal life after monitoring - at least 3 months

+ Equity of the account signal - at least $ 500

+ Recommendations from the manager to his signal - this will show his experience and interest, so that the subscriber receives what he came for - the result. If the provider has more than 3 signals for which it offers a subscription, you need to ask him to explain the logic.

+ Look at the time zone in which the signalman trades - or find out from him where he lives / where he trades - this is necessary so that you do not have a time difference - it is critical, as trading conditions can vary greatly from the signalman and follower

+ The line of equity will tell you a lot and show - you can “stay out” (or it’s a grid, it’s being traded), but you need to see how adequate the risk is and how much equity has sank due to specific tools - you can’t understand it yourself - ask to show everything open deals (all packs of instruments) with the signalman

+ The number of deals - the more, the better - this is important, since you can coolly trade at a distance of, for example, 50 deals and show super results - this can only be luck and does not mean that the signalman has a strategy or, although logic in trading

+ Is there a withdrawal from the account - an important point, it is always necessary to withdraw money, if the signalman does not understand this - then you should not trust him with money at all (he trades on statistics and earns from subscriptions)

+ Top-ups during drawdowns are a significant factor. It is even more important that the signalman reports what he is doing with his funds in the account, especially in drawdowns. And reported promptly. If there is no feedback or it clearly contradicts the picture in monitoring, you need to leave

+ Selecting accounts with transactions that hang or "stay out" for a maximum of one week (5 days, do not forget, not 7) - this is critical. Since the weekend can greatly change the picture and dramatically hit the deposit towards zero. Ideally, trades close before the end of the trading day and not during periods of increased spread

+ I don’t think that the clerk’s accounts are presented by the signalman, but I don’t think it’s so critical, since cent accounts have their own advantages, for example, most importantly, not all subscribers have the money and the desire to invest large amounts, especially if they are only familiar with the signals and forex trading in general

+ Signal profit - you need to correlate how much you pay for the signal per month and how much the signalman makes profit - is it profitable for you to pay for signal

+ Slippage - it is better to choose signals where slippage is minimal on those brokers where you already have an account or where you plan to open. Look at the tools that the manager trades and what slippage they have. And does your broker have all the tools? After conducting an independent analysis, ask about the slippage of the signal manager itself - including a good filter)

PS It seems like we all worked hard. Everything is clear and effective. What do you think?

Design, examples with pictures are still early, not everyone has spoken out;)

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