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Major Issue WIN 10 with MT4 resource files. Cannot Load Resource

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codeforex 2016.09.28 19:56 

Basically the error is like this and it spreads across many, many clients after recent update of Win 10. I am not yet sure which one, since on some clients with Win 10 it works , on others not. A client has an .ex4 file with resources inside. Suddenly it stops displaying any images or working at all with multiple errors

ERROR: Cannot Load resource <link to resource>.ex4 (attached also an image)

It does not matter what you have for resource - indicator/image - it does not work at all. Errors are printed only for indicators missing, but the images just don't load and that's it, No errors nothing.

It is not a issue of having other resource files inside those error resources, it is a issue about MT4 compatibility with Win 10.

This was confirmed by at least 50 clients using MT4 and 3rd party tools.

The ONLY SOLUTION for NOW: Create new .ex4 files without resource files (indicators/images) and send them to clients, which makes a pain if your have a lot of files coded.

Anyone else have this issue and any other solution?

ERROR Cannot Load resource

Ex Ovo Omnia
Ex Ovo Omnia 2016.09.29 06:47  
I do not. I have been using resources for pictures and sounds (though not for indicators), working with W10 and compilations for 950 and 1010 do not cause any issue. Could you try to move the resources to other folder?
codeforex 2016.09.29 08:20  

It is not about the resources in some folder. It is about when you compile and it works fine on my side, then you send client the .ex4 only and the client tries to use it on his PC with Win 10 , ex. Operating system win10 version 1607 (update 28 Sep 2016) and it gives errors. If I send .ex4 files with separate indicators/images not like resource it works

I've used resources as well for a long time, but this is first time when a lot of clients started to have same issue in the same time. So it is definitely something with Windows - maybe some rights are not set properly?

codeforex 2016.10.01 20:37  
ok guys - just an update - the fix for this was updating to the latest build which is 1012 via MetaQuotes-Demo sever.
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