Advanced Security System at and Two-Step Authorization

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

In addition to usual login/password, now you are able to control authorization by IP addresses and confirm it using MetaQuotes ID. Such a system won't allow attackers to gain access to your MQL5 account, even if they know your login and password.

How to protect yourself?

If you have specified MetaQuotes ID in your profile (on the "Security" tab), you can enable the "Binding to IP address" functions.

Advanced Security System at

The "Authorize from allowed static IP addresses only" option allows you to reject authorization from new IP address without additional confirmation. If you enable this option, every time you authorize at you will need to specify not only your login/password, but also six digit code obtained using MetaQuotes ID.

When the "Control session by IP" is enabled, website will also constantly check IP address from which every subsequent request is sent. If for any reason during a session your IP is changed, you will need to authorize again by entering a verification code. Now you have complete control over IP addresses of sessions, so that you can secure your account.

At the same time in order to skip receiving and entering confirmation code every time you log in, you can specify up to three static IP addresses as trusted ones. When authorizing from these IP addresses, you will only need to enter login/password. But if you try to authorize from a new IP address the website will request a verification code again. This way, you don't need to re-enter confirmation code each time, but attackers won't be able to access your account.

If the above mentioned options are disabled, you can just get a notification that your account was authorized from a new IP address. If you authorize from trusted IP addresses you won't receive such messages.

If you enable this function ("Notify about IP address changes via MetaQuotes ID") you will almost instantly know about authorization to your account from a new IP address. And if you get such message while you haven't authorized on the site, then someone else have authorized under your account.

So what should you do?

  1. Install MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 on your iOS or Android powered device to obtain a unique MetaQuotes ID. In addition to control over authorization, you will also get a complete mobile terminal and access to community services including online chat.
  2. Enter MetaQuotes ID in the Security tab of your profile and activate it.
  3. Enable the "Control session by IP" option to take control over IP addresses during sessions.
  4. Enable the "Authorize from allowed static IP addresses only" option to enable two-step authorization using notifications via MetaQuotes ID, as well as to specify the list of addresses which don't require confirmation via MetaQuotes ID for authorization purpose. If the list of trusted IP addresses is not filled out, you will always be prompted to confirm authorization. We also don't recommend you to add dynamic IP addresses in this list as they will change often and you still have to enter verification code.
  5. Enable the "Notify about IP address changes via MetaQuotes ID" option if you want to know about each authorization from a new IP address. If you don't need such a security level, you can disable this option.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 client terminals also authorize at However, they have access only to a few safe system functions, so they can work without two-step authorization.

Enable additional authorization check at - security of your account is in your hands!

David Garcia
David Garcia  
What if I loose my mobile and labtop? Is there any revovery via email?
Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein  
What if I loose my mobile and labtop? Is there any revovery via email?

Your hardware doesn't matter. Mobiles and laptops get and use "local" IP addresses from their router / network provider.


The IP address that is provided to websites like is always the "global/external" IP address of your router / network provider.

And this IP address changes as often as you are logged into another mobile network or WLAN or if your router reconnects to your internet provider.

So it's more or less useless for every user without a static IP address. 

Hi, I have since changed my phone so I can not get any notifications as they are pushed to specific phone.  Is there another way to get notifications.  The only way I could even write to this forum was to create a new account.  I cant even use this new account fully as credit cards etc are binded to a email adress.

I suppose the senario is:
Setup ip
Setup metaquotes notofocations via profile.

then if phone changes, and your ip is not in the list.  IP is likely to change as we are given dynamic ip from our provider.  But I cannot even rember ever setting up an IP as I knew I have not got a static address.

Locked out with no possible way in.
Lord of the Trades
Lord of the Trades  


I have a problem to sign in

The system didn't accept my password, so I changed it.

But it asked me for ID, but when I enter ID, it tells me that it is not true and shows me that IP changed.

What should I do?

Thank you

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  
If you can not log in how are you able to post here ?
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