What made you want to become a trader? - page 2

What is the reason?
work from anywhere :)
What is the reason?

making good money for family 

Abdullah Alrai  
Because i translated many strategies to be work on meta trader that come addictive so much to see how markets interactive with theories
Roberto Jacobs  
Wei Jian Mai #:

making good money for family 

I agree with this reasoning.

Deep in my heart, the real goal of being a trader is to make money, the other reasons are just additional ones.

Yashar Seyyedin  
Becoming a millionaire was my first motivation. However I continued even when I realized I won't be a millionaire. Market is addictive.
Poverty, desperation, and most importantly, finding any other route to acquiring currency to be excessively insufferable and/or inadequate
Huynh Cong Chinh  
Conor Mcnamara # : I only paid attention to this world in the last year. I had been told, always stay away from trading. That's why I'm trading. The Possiblities, The opportunity for creativity, The Community :-)