What made you want to become a trader? - page 3

Abdulkarim Karazon  
i want to stay near my little daughter and spend more time with her.
Lode Loyens  

Been in one business or another, working for myself, since I was 17 years old.  When I turned 55 I realized that daily dealings with employees, vendors, customers, inventory, etc, etc. were not worth my effort and time and didn't deliver the financial results I sought.  Instead, I wanted a business I could run by myself for myself.  If I made it it was due to my own efforts.  If I didn't that too was because of what I did or didn't do.  And if I made money it would be all mine to keep instead of having to share it with lazy employees, greedy vendors and customers who wanted everthing as close to free as possible.   

I sold my business and took a hiatus.  That's when I discovered Forex trading, gave it a go and never looked back.  It's the best business ever.  My only regret: should have discovered this business 30 years ago.

Thanh Lam Pham  

To have a better life, however, after all these years, still not making as much profit as expected ..

The opportunity to change my life lol
Scott Allen  

I got into crypto mining — started with a family business, and I bought a bunch of miners back in 2021. By the end of 2021, I was thinking, "What should I do with all this Bitcoin? It seems crazy to have it just sitting there."

So I started learning crypto trading bots. Never had a desire to manual trade—I wanted something that would just improve my crypto holding vs. just hodling it. Took me a while, but I got consistently profitable.

Well that made me want to take a more active role in trading my IRAs vs. just hodling index funds. Now I consistently beat the market there.

And in the process of that education, I learned about prop firms. Other People's Money. That seemed like the possibility of full-time income, doing what I love, and not being glued to the computer all day if I didn't want to be.

Never thought I'd be interested in this—now I'm obsessed with it.

Guo Zheng Feng  

why i became trader? here is my story.(sorry i am not so good in English)

1. i knew the forex trading from a friend when i was in high school(he had left school),but i am not interested in.

2. my friend try to persuade me to became trader,when i was in colleage.i refused,i don't know how to explain,maybe because i was borned in a farmer's velleage,earning by clicking mouse is too good to be true,or too 'virtual',i don't know how to expression.

3. I became an IT guy from my first job, i tried to sell clothes after i went off my work (my 2nd job,still an IT guy). i earned money after some days.then some hidder cost comes. untill i earn nothing after i pay my efforts. i quite.

4. my 2nd job, one day, my 2nd manager denided my plan, then , accident occur. he said all are my fault. and i clear everything to the boss,i have nothing mistake. but boss did not punish  my 2nd manager  .later manager had a cow on me ,saids he is not worry everything what ever what i report to boss. he show me his account with xxxxxxxxxxxxx usd inside and only fews minutes he can earn my whole year salary. and after that, my work is not going smoothly at that company.

5. i asked my friend about trading,just learn something different which my bring me some changes. it is in 2013.

6. my own EA is completed in 2022,and  working from 2023.3.


i love macking money at any risk so i want to enter this trade also 

Konstantinos Kalaitzidis  
Money and freedom. But in the process, I realized the self development through trading has made it worth it already.

The challenge of making money from home.

R4tna C  

I love tech and I love finance - and I love the option to work remotely/from anywhere

What's not to like?