500.000.000 Tasks Executed with MQL5 Cloud Network


It has been just over a year since the launch of the MQL5 Cloud Network of distributed calculations and we are excited as we enter a new phase in its development. The number of tasks executed using the capacities of the network has exceeded 500 million. This achievement has been made possible by hundreds of people across the globe who put thousands of computing resources together in the MQL5 Cloud Network.

500.000.000 Tasks Executed with MQL5 Cloud Network

The network capacities are used by traders, scientists and developers for various tasks: from optimizations of trading strategies to complex mathematical calculations. With MQL5 Cloud Network, any person is only a couple of clicks away from getting enormous computational capacities, allowing to increase the speed of mass calculations several hundred times over. For example, where a MQL5 developer used to spend days trying to optimize Expert Advisor's parameters, with the MQL5 Cloud Network it now only takes him a few minutes.

Execution of such a considerable volume of tasks is based on the quality network growth. The total number of kernels involved in calculations is well over 17 000. In addition, dynamic load balancing system allows to adequately match resources with the needs of any given task so as to ensure that the tasks that require extra computing capacities will be dealt with using faster, higher performing resources. Detailed statistics by country, task type and tasks executed within the last twenty four hours can be found at cloud.mql5.com

If you need extra computing resources, give the MQL5 Cloud Network a try. The network will help you handle complex tasks and distributed calculation projects. To connect to the network you will need the Strategy Tester - one of the components of the MetaTrader 5 client terminal. It allows you to optimize trading strategies of your EAs, as well as to perform complex mathematical calculations.

While helping others solve a lot of resource intensive tasks, the owners of spare resources can even earn extra money doing it. You only need to download and install MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent. The program will then automatically get and solve tasks using your spare capacities. Money for each executed task will be transferred to your account and will be available for withdrawal using any method convenient to you.

Join the MQL5 Cloud Network and together we will achieve a new level - 1 billion tasks!

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wow it very large tasks( 500  millions ). wonderful