Commission is not displayed in deposit currency

Dr Matthias Hammelsbeck  


I have a commission based forex account (Axiory-Demo). My deposit currency is EUR.

Nevertheless in the specification of an arbitrary currency pair (eg GBPCHF) the commission value (for in_deal in this case) is shown in USD, not in my deposit currency.

That is what I expect. Or am I completely wrong here?

See screenshot portion:

 If I write the commission by MQL5 code I get the right answer:

    if (!ctrade.Buy (1.0, symb)) return;
    ulong deal = ctrade.ResultDeal();
    FileWrite(g_fp, StringFormat ("   %-42s: %I64u", "Deal in", deal));
    HistoryDealSelect (deal);
    deal_i.Ticket (deal);
    FileWrite(g_fp, StringFormat ("   %-42s: %10.2f %s",      "Commission deal in", deal_i.Commission(),curr));

I get the following output:

   Deal in                                   : 17203081
   Commission deal in                        :      -5.68 EUR

What do you think?