How the conversation of calendar event value to percentage works?

Hello, I am a bit new to working with calendar data. I want to know the logic behind the conversation of the event values. For example, the released news event actual value for "EUR Italy Retails Sales Monthly at 2023.01.11 12:00 GMT+3" says 0.8% on the economic calendar event pages but when I retrieve the actual value from MQL5 news releases events database the value I'm getting is 800000. So clearly the is a bit conversation from 800000 to 0.8%.
Can someone give me the logic behind this, and the second question is, is this logic applies to all other event values or the logic depends on the particular event? Thanks.
Don't compare the numbers of different providers. All you need to know are the predicted value, the new value and the change, if available, from one and the same provider.