How to install market product to specific platform



I have browsing the mt5 market web page for useful products.

And when i select to download a product , it asks if i have mt5 , i click yes.

!!!! And then it does the alarming thing !!!!, it opens up any of my 8 mt5 terminals and installs the new untested product there, regardless if thats the terminal in which i want the item or not, possibly leading to loss of money if the product does damage to the terminal with exiting EA's and trades.

Hence the question in my title ? How do i install product from mt5 market place into a terminal of my choice , rather than one randomly selected for me.

As i do not want to install new product on terminals that have open positions in, i have test and demo terminals for that.


Follow these instructions please:
Eleni Anna Branou #:
Follow these instructions please:

thanks very much give that a try