Social media , yes again

Lorentzos Roussos  

Here is my thesis on why you should allow social media inside products mq (and not in the about tab as links also called the tAbyss because nobody sees it)

Let's call accounts and channels and groups and chats that focus on trading or selling courses or selling utilities social media entities. Not your channels and groups. 

Right now the prevalent social media entities are those who spam the most or know the "influencer" game well or those that happened to be useful for some time and gather up the crowd gradually.

These prevalent social media entities dictate where a new or old trader will go . For most course selling entities that is the trading view website or course sales pages.

The rest leads to sales pages for EAs and Indicators , and some lead to their websites which may partially link to this marketplace.

At this stage the effect you get from social media is the loudest get's the most traffic to the mql5 market . So which attribute of the vendor is sending traffic here ? Spam

That in turn will give rise to the products of the vendors who spam the best . I'm not saying the most popular products are spammers , no no , i'm just saying there is a mechanism within the market out of your control that raises these types of products . Could these products be good though ? Yeah of course . Are there social media entities   that have good products and have also
amassed large crowds ? Absolutely .

So how you , mq , at the receiving end of this traffic could have a say in this "lever" the overall market has on you ? 

Could it be with having outdated hard to find hard to operate low featured equivalents (hypothetically only) on this website and your apps ? Let's examine that :

  • Does that help if a vendor wants to announce something to hers/his base ? Yes , if the user has the apps , or is frequently logged in the website or is permanently logged in on meta trader.  
  • Does the user spend a lot of time on your solutions (channels/groups) thereby increasing the chances they'll come across a post and engage ? If they have the trading app , if they are very active ,and if they are permanently logged in , AND , they have managed to be found or added by vendors to channels and groups , then yes.
  • Are these easy to use ? No
  • Is the user glued to their screen for these ? No
  • Does the user spend most of their time on your app for these ? No
  • Can a vendor make it easy for someone who purchased something to enter a private chat with other users of that product ? No

Could it be by sending traffic to youtube videos for no compensation at all ? No , but the post needed a joke , a comedic relief if you will .

So what can you do ? 

Let's assume you and the vendors have a discussion and we conclude on a system that allows directly linking to social media entities from within the products in a way that is visible obvious easy to understand one way , one click , and there could be considerations relating to what the brokers are willing to accept of course (which is the unknown factor in this discussion) to the terminals they license , and spam prevention , which is the most difficult . Let's assume that common ground is found ,established , and there is a way for vendors to linkout from within the products , and on the overviews . Let's take a vendor , let's call him Mike . Mike has good ideas regarding strategies , has found a good coder but his marketing skills are the worse .

Mike's product rises in the market when someone comes across it here , and finds it organically here because it tests well and performs well .At this point you will ask okay , so Mike won right ?The system will float Mike's product to the top gradually right (expecially if he keeps increasing the price after each sale) ? Yes . And here is my thesis :

If as Mikes product floats up in the marketplace you allowed for Mike to showcase his social media entities as well that would give rise to them in parallel with the product gaining momentum here . But why do we care you ask ? You care because this mechanism would allow social media entities whose main driver is the quality of the product instead of spam to grow .

That growth resulting from you allowing quality to be a boost to social media entities linking back here would result in you improving the traffic that arrives to the marketplace along with your reputation . But that would not eradicate spam you may say , no it would not , BUT , it would give quality a chance .

Think about it , and i apologize for insisting .

PS : Social media dwarfs you in terms of traffic , the potential reach is insanely and geometrically more gigantic than yours , and their users are glued to their screens for them .  

Lorentzos Roussos  

Let's examine a case : 

Case A : Current state : Someone finds Mike's product but does not want to buy yet.

A1 : The user is familiar with + channels/groups and has the app and is logged in their mt5 all the time 

  1. User finds Mike's product , Mike has a channel , user subscribes to Mike's channel.
  2. The next time Mike posts on the channel that user will be reminded that he wanted to but Mike's product.
  3. I assume the notification of the new channel post hits their App and their MT5 and they see it , or , on the website.
  4. They buy Mike's product
  5. Mike's product rises in the marketplace rank.

A2 : The user is familiar with and does not have the app and logs in their mt5 sometimes and is not a very active user

  1. User finds Mike's product , Mike has a channel , user subscribes to Mike's channel 
  2. Mike posts on the channel
  3. If and when that user logs in mt5 or again they will see the post and they will be reminded 
  4. They buy Mike's product
  5. Mike's product rises in the rank

A3 : The user is not familiar with , does not have the app, does not have an account 

  1. User finds Mike's product , Mike has a channel , user clicks on that , Homer's Odyssey begins , chapter one.
  2. User gives up but is not stupid , saves Mike's product as a bookmark for later
  3. Mike posts on the channel
  4. User never sees it 
  5. If and when that user opens his bookmarks and sees Mike's product they will remember they wanted to buy

Now imagine A2 and A3 but the user has subscribed to Mike on the user's favorite (and deemed easy to use and familiar with social media platform).

  1. User finds Mike's product , Mike has a social media entity on a platform that the user is familiar with , among others .
  2. User subscribes to Mike on that platform
  3. Mike posts on that platform
  4. User sees it because face is probably glued on that platform 
  5. MQ has followed advice on post 1 so the click through rate on that platform to posts that lead to has increased because the driver is quality and not spam
  6. User increases click through rate , comes back here buys the product (there is some odyssey stuff here too though , to buy)
  7. Mike's product rises in the marketplace
  8. Mike's social media entity rises in the social media platform because it generates engagement
  9. More users with face glued to that platform interested in forex are shown Mike's post 
  10. We go back to "User finds Mike's product ..." for a new user

Lorentzos Roussos  

You could also use video to mirror the timeline section you have here  :

Every week record a short video with :

  1. the most popular products , show review count , purchases count , comments count.
  2. the most popular signals (with their equity curve) , subscriber count
  3. the most active discussion groups 
  4. the biggest channels 
  5. the hottest forum topics 
  6. and a random selection of new offerings (products , signals etc)
  7. post video on youtube shorts tiktok , facebook stories , instagram stories , linked in stories , twitter videos 
  8. If you can also find a way to "tag" those appearing in the videos try it as you will subtly "gamify" the process 

Lorentzos Roussos  

Create a separate twitter feed for showcasing products of the market.

Your existing one has been reach-burnt from the constant posting of new products , but you may want to maintain it (for posting new products).
What happened essentially was you were posting frequently , not vetting what the product was or not choosing from products that have proven to be interesting in your market,
you were not announcing that anywhere or "gamifying" it in a way (we literally stumbled upon it) there were low interactions , high spam in the comments , irrelevant tags in 
the comments to hurt your reach etc. 

So on the new feed : 

  • Post products that are popular each week , like on the suggestion above for the videos , and , new products that reach a # of downloads or a # of sales , or a # of reviews.
  • Don't only use the tags mql5 mql4. Aim at familiarity with trading not familiarity with mql5 .
  • You can derive tags from the category of the product or ask the vendor to provide them in the product edit screen. (this way you also inform them of this "mechanism")
  • Mention the # of downloads on the tweets and the review score as well .
  • Create a custom evaluation score for twitter post performance . (reach , retweets , likes - but not comments and not quote retweets to avoid spam)
  • Each week from the products that made it to the new twitter feed , the one with the best score get's a boost on the rank here for a week.
  • This will lead to an increase in your posts engagement without deliberate spam from the authors of the products , and increase the reach of the account as well.

So let's contrast this with the previous feed : you are pushing less posts on twitter , way more interesting , with better targeting and more engagement . The malicious comments will still be there but you can deter them with blocking .


ps : you have thousands of sellers , aren't you a tinsy bit curious as to what will happen if you do this ?  😇