OnTesterInit failed. Optimization cannot be started. ONLY TRUE FOR MARKET VERSION. Offline EA works.


The uploaded version does not allow optimization: (however if I download the version from the controlpanel (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/XXXXX/controlpanel#!tab=files) it works.)

2021.02.07 08:52:41.111 Tester "Market\XXXXXXXXXXXX .ex5" 64 bit demo version         

2021.02.07 08:52:41.395 Experts optimization frame expert XXXXXXXXXXXX  (EURUSD,H1) processing started

2021.02.07 08:52:41.396 Tester OnTesterInit failed. Optimization cannot be started.

This is the only message I recieve in the journal. So users cannot use optimization, because it does not work with the version available at mql5/market (also true for demo version).

I already re-uploaded the EA, but error persisits. I cannot do much debugging here, because I would need to publish each try online.

The only new thing I changed recently was adding an OntesterDeinit()  to use frames to save results to file. I have not defined an OntesterInit(). For testing I uploaded a new version with

int  OnTesterInit(void)

to see if this makes any change. But same problem persists.

Any ideas? (I have send a message to the Service Desk as well.)

Best, Julian

This happened to me. It took me some time before I realized that this was due to some Library that I have rented and that was the renting period was over.