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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

MQL4 Source Codes of Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4 - 12

Various applications to automate analysis and trading are available in the 'Expert Advisors' section. It features various applications based on different trading algorithms and provides different degrees of automation. You can find simple EAs and complex trading robots that can fully automate analysis and trading processes.

These applications can be downloaded and run in MetaTrader 4. It is recommended to test and optimize Expert Advisors in the Strategy tester. The Expert Advisors from the library can be accessed from the MetaTrader 4 platform and the MetaEditor development environment.


Start balance 10000$, trade on eur/usd ,Daily timeframe, only short

Enjoy this simple Expert Advisor

The Cyclops follows the Cycleidentifier indicator, plus SMA and RSI for filter. It is taking a trade when the indi shows a bold two spike. The filter is suppose to confirm with that but the repaint of the spike seems to make this a Martingale effort.

early Range, Break with RSI-Filter, Hedging, TrailingSL/TP with Vola-Filter, DayTrading Start- and Endtime, autoClosing, all Comments and Alerts.

early Range, Break with RSI-Filter, Hedging, TrailingSL/TP with Vola-Filter, DayTrading Start- and Endtime, autoClosing, all Comments and Alerts.

simple and successful, multiple functions

Use this Ea with an extreme attention, i got this amazing result searching to optimise setting several days. Work the best on Eur/Usd timeframe M5 long&short


Random ZigZaG

This Ea operate the best setting on a daily time frame

Opens position when RSI returns from extreme level.

Works with open, high, and low prices of the current day.

Easiest daytrade robot ever - does the same what happened yesterday.

Auto Magic Nr. Calc The Magic Nr. per ASC II Code from Symbols

The Expert Adviser uses the indicator OsMA.

A slightly different EA based off daily opening breaks.

Opens and closes orders using parabolic SAR

The adviser uses the indicator Moving Average.

A simple EA that sends e-mail alert whenever there is moving average crossover

I got this EA from a friend. It is based on the previous day's open and close price, but I would want it to close all trade on friday at a certain time.

Forex Second Chance EA is a modification of Moving Average Convergence Divergence EA. Here, I have included "TrendShift" to the parameters and it is doing good.


This systems allows you to progressively enter and exit the market. You define the amount you want to risk (%) and it calculates automatically the different levels of entering and exiting the market according to the amount of levels you have defined.

In this field give a brief description of your script (1-2 sentences).

10 Point 3 v004 enhanced Expert Advisor

Base on 10 point , V003 But have been enhanced

Based on the HAS indicator.

Wave Power

Continuing the theme "tumbler. Trade in breakdown rates timing.

This EA will send an e-mail about your account details every xx minutes.

I have programmed an EA using Moving Average (from mt4 default Moving Average.mq4) to decide open buy/sell combine with StopLoss using the Money Management.

Simple Expert Advisor. In this version RSI and Trailing Stop has been added.

This EA simply opens two opposing positions at the beginning of the first new bar it comes across. Both positions can win lose or draw. Works best in 5M timeframe and can be optimised using "Open prices only".

This is an example of the one of trading news strategies. It can be a part of bigger EA which can play news.

Trailing can be carried out using the fractals, the extremal bars in the past or using the specified number of points. Can run as a single Expert Advisor or a script, together with any Expert Advisor.

Uses the ideas of envelopes, moving averages and parabolic SARs for entry and exits. Made for M15.

Imports live trades and orders from the firepips twitter page

This version use Accelerator Oscilator as main indi to recognize the signal

This Expert Advisor will count all the pending orders for the chart it has been placed on.

Displays on the chart peaks of tick volume at exact time points