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Expert Advisors für den MetaTrader 4 mit Quellcodes

In diesem Bereich können Sie viele Apps finden, die Ihre Analytik und den Handel automatisieren werden. Hier sind Apps angeboten, die unterschiedliche Algorithmen und Automatisierungsebenen zur Verfügung stellen. Es gibt sowohl einfache Experten, als auch Handelsroboter mit komplexen Algorithmen, die Analyse und Handelsprozess völlig automatisieren können.

Diese Apps können ganz einfach heruntergeladen und im MetaTrader 4 gestartet werden. Es ist empfehlenswert, Expert Advisors vor dem Start im Strategietester zu testen und zu optimieren. Darüber hinaus sind die Expert Advisors auf der Plattform MetaTrader 4 und in der Enrwicklungsumgebung MetaEditor zugänglich.

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Turn your losing trade into winning trade with Zone Recovery Hedge

Candle cross either of three lines.

Have you ever wanted to add another trade only after the previous has been modified by either trailing stop or even break even , This code will help you to be able to implement that

trending breakout

candle pattern

macd divergence and rsi

Checks a trading robot must pass

candle cross 3 moving averages

Tipu MACD EA is a simple EA created to automate buy/sell orders based on the MACD indicator. You can automate entries and manage trades. This EA comes with many useful functions that can used to by anyone to create their own EA.

I started to create a simple trading panel to switch between pairs and timeframes. and next version, I will add trading features and manage orders.

This EA, Ask you to Put price, whatever price you put, in "ZEN" field, you will get that price on all open orders either SL or TP value, that would help to close all orders at one price, and you can close all bulk orders in one shot. (works very well with large balance - i suggest cent / micro account for newbees. to be able to place large closure of orders. Openin random orders manually with ongoing trend is suitable for large order accounts.

What if we could have two Stop Loss instead of one?

When you scalp manually, a simple EA could be an assistant to set StopLoss / TakeProfit for each trade you open.

This EA was created for learning purposes and can be developed for trading purposes.

Short description.

With the aim of educating you how to make trading tools that are simple and can be used immediately.

It's a auto scheduler.

This EA is used as a trading tool to help us close all orders with a specific target in the form of money or cut loss. We can filter orders by magic number.

Add on tool to support our trading by shifting stoploss (SL) to the profit area

For the purpose of learning to create an EA, I will share how to make an EA that uses 2 cross moving average indicators as a trading position entry signal.

The simple trading panel is a trading tool that is very interesting because it will allow you to predefine your StopLoss and your TakeProfit in term of pips.

Deep learning Expert advisor , This EA will collect market patterns to predict the next Patterns.

Fibonacci PRO ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You want to become a constantly profitable 5-star forex trader? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FIBONACCI PRO is a professional expert for trading according to the Fibonacci Retracement method. 1. MANUAL_CONFIRMATION - manual confirmation of transactions; 2. FIBO_CLOSE_PRICE - FIBO calculation at closing prices; 3. RSI_FILTER - input filter by modified RSI; 4. ATR_FILTER - ATR input filter. 5. ZIG ZAG

This is a great template to start from if you're looking to build an MT4 EA quick and easily with your own rules/custom indicators. It has all the nice features for managing the account and the trades.


The 8 effective steps to build a robust day trading plan using Fibonacci retracement

This is just a framework for building a simple EA

A simple but fully functional program that demonstrate how a martingale can work for you. Just change the entry analyis using your own scalping strategy and your personal money management style, then optimize.

Example how to use file write function

It only demonstrates the possibilities of the multiplier.

This strategy is the well known set & forget with the ALERTING system. It is very useful on different trading scenarios. I urge you guys to always use trading tools that will make your live easier. So instead of watching the charts and the time and all day long, you can use this indicator that will watch the charts for you.

This is a straightforward script for strategically managing open trades and pending orders.

I am sharing this pyramid. It is not perfect but works for me.

Any account type,leverage and deposit

On all MT4 market execution accounts (ECN, ECN Zero and Pro), preset stoploss/takeprofit price levels are not permitted. If a client wishes to specify stoploss/takeprofit values for an order, the client must modify the existing position after the order is opened. This EA helps a client effortlessly ensure that an on order is modified to desired stoploss/takeprofit values a short while after a trade position is opened This is especially helpful for scalpers who want to avoid the trouble of manually editing trade properties every-time a position is taken on a financial instrument. EA by Maduagwuna E.I

The power of Evelopes with trailing stop.

The source code is only a guide for the development of your EA.

Expert Advisor in MQL4 with 4 signals based on 6 Indicators. Works at any stock. If anybody wants to translate it to MQL5, it would be great. I still do not know MQL5. If you do, please, let me know.

This expert shows the maximum profit level that touched by price line for your first position on chart window. the expert don't need any variable or specified timeframe. Please vote this program to help know this program how much helpful. Thanks for your vote stars.