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2016.02.15 11:54
2016.11.22 07:32

Real author:

Mohammad Soubra

This is my 1st published code, it is very simple code example:

  • RSI 14 (price close) — open buy when it is < 25
  • RSI 14 (price close) — close buy when it is > 50
  • RSI 14 (price close) — open sell when it is > 75
  • RSI 14 (price close) — close sell when it is < 50

Includes trailing stop, fixed TP & fixed SL.

FloatingSpread FloatingSpread

The indicator for the floating spread. Displays the change in spread of multiple currency pairs.

ChannelsFIBO_MTF ChannelsFIBO_MTF

The multitimeframe version of the ChannelsFIBO indicator.

1 Click Button To Close All Open Positions 1 Click Button To Close All Open Positions

1 Click "Close All" button to close all your positions (regardless of the pair) will be closed at once.

Not Only Spread Not Only Spread

Spread, its moving average (EMA), its maximum and minimum, and ticks per second (market speed) in the Comment. The version 1.01 is made with the normal average, instead of the moving average.