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2016.02.08 12:11
UP bot 1

UP bot 1 - expert for MetaTrader 4

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The EA works without the use of indicators. Uses only the price values of the current and previous bars for operation.

The idea of the EA lies in the searching of pivot points. It enters using market orders at trend reversal attempt.

Each order is protected with a take profit and stop loss (set in settings). When the stop loss is set to zero — stop loss is calculated automatically by the EA, depending on the current price and the pivot point (stop is moved beyond the level).

It is possible to use trailing stop with a specified step or transfer of the position to breakeven. There are several options for closing positions on condition (enabled in the parameters).




    ------ start trade settings ------
    • TakeProfit — TakeProfit level.
    • StopLoss — StopLoss level (if 0 then auto).
    • HLdivergence — minimum deviation of two adjacent bars for entry.
    • SpanPrice — price indent from the starting level for opening an order.
    • Lots — lot size.
    • MaxTrades — Maximum number of simultaneously opened orders.
    • Slippage — Slippage.
    • MagicNumber — Expert's magic number.
    ------ output settings ------
    • TrailingStop — trailing stop for open positions;
    • TrailStopLoss — StopLoss trailing level.
    • ZeroTrailingStop — StopLoss trailing to breakeven level.
    • StepTrailing — trailing stop step.
    • OutputAtLower — exit if the price is lower than the previous bar.
    • OutputAtRevers — exit at trend reversal.
    • SpanToRevers — price indent from the reverse level for closing an order.

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    Original code:

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