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2015.12.11 10:49
2016.11.22 07:32
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The Expert Advisor opens a deal during a breakthrough (on candlestick closure) of the trend line, drawn between the peak of the Zig Zag and the two latest peaks for the Buy orders. For the Sell orders — mirrored.

  • Filtering by the МА. For Buy the price has to be higher than the МА, for Sell - lower than the МА.
  • Closure by crossing the МА.
  • Cyclicity filter. The breakthrough has to take place in the second half of the cycle from the first to the second vertex, overlaid on the first one to the right.
  • Prohibition of trading on Friday after a specified time and closing the open deals, if their profit is less than set in the options.
  • Breakeven and Trailing Stop.

For more details see here:


Parameter Description
lot Lot
stop_loss Stop Loss
take_profit Take Profit
noloss Breakeven (disabled if set to 0)
noloss_pips Level to set Breakeven
trall Trailing Stop (disabled if set to 0)
trall_start Profit level to set Trailing Stop
cycle_filter Cyclicity filter
ma_filter Filter by the МА
close_ma_cross Closure by crossing the МА
friday_time Trade ending time on Friday
friday_close_profit Profit, less than which the deals will be closed on Friday (in points)
Indicators parameters
zz_InpDepth The ZigZag indicator parameters
ma_period МА period
ma_method МА method
ma_price МА price
Other parameters
magic Magic number
CommentSize Number of log lines at the top left corner of the window (0 - disable this function)


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Original code:

ConvertTicksFile ConvertTicksFile

The converter of the tick files created with the Ticks collector into different data representation formats.

ZigZag Signal ZigZag Signal

Signal based on the ZigZag indicator.

ClusterBox - vertical cross-section of the market ClusterBox - vertical cross-section of the market

Tick volume of the candlestick drawn as clusters.

Several Moving Average Several Moving Average

Indicator with several Moving Averages.