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Código Fonte de Expert Advisors MQL4 para MetaTrader MQL4

Várias aplicativos para automatizar a análise e negociação estão disponíveis na seção Expert Advisors. Encontre aqui vários aplicativos baseados em diferentes algoritmos de negociação e diferentes graus de automação. Você pode encontrar EAs simples e complexos que podem automatizar totalmente os processos de análise e negociação.

Estes aplicativos podem ser baixados e executados no MetaTrader 4. Recomenda-se testar e otimizar os Expert Advisors no testador de Estratégia. A biblioteca de Expert Advisors pode ser acessada a partir da plataforma MetaTrader 4 e no ambiente de desenvolvimento MetaEditor.

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Short description.

MT4 Expert Advisor based on the CCI indicator

Close your positions in profit virtually

Fully operational ea for real/demo accounts or educational purpose

It's a triangular arbitrage system (three pairs correlation system) to use 3 currencies to make 3 pairs to open hedge orders on those. The expert starts opening six orders for each ring (3 plus and 3 minus) and waits to move prices in one direction to make a grid of orders.

Free utility for manual orders placement.

This code extracts tick data from the broker's server and refreshes the 28 charts of the 8 commonly traded currencies in MT4.

This code closes when your position is based on dollars

A ready made expert adviser template to use for further development

This is Multi Currency Expert Advisor Template that can trade according to symbol list (default 6 symbols). For Example, Ichimoku Chinkou Span is used for entry logic. // Main input parameters input double Lots = 0.01; // Basic lot size input int StopLoss= 50; //Stoploss (in Pips) input int TakeProfit=100; //TakeProfit (in Pips) input int TrailingStop = 15; // Trailing Stop (in points) input int TrailingStep = 5;// Trailing Step (in points) input int Magic=1; // Magic Number input int Slippage = 100; // Tolerated slippage in brokers' pips string symbol[] = { "AUDUSD","USDCAD","USDCHF","EURUSD","GBPUSD","USDJPY"};

This Expert Advisor is a pure scalp system

This EA is for testing No Nonsense Forex algos. With this EA you can test your algos much faster than eyeballing, using Soft4x or using any other EAs in Strategy tester.

Simple Trailing Stop EA with Trailing Steps and Trailing Start Point It includes Stoploss and TakeProfit too..

A ready made expert adviser template to use for further development or use 'as is'

PricerEA is a utility to help any trader to place pending orders (stop or limit) at a specific price.

These codes give you a list of currency pairs that have a positive and negative swap. This is useful when you do a Carry Trade strategy.

Dynamic Stop-Loss is a tool for traders who trade without a stop-loss. It gives the traders a trick to trade as if there is no stop-loss but actually using one.

Candle Cross above or below Conditions

Safe Trend Scalp is an automatic robot that trades with automatic Trend lines that ea crated with market history.

It's an expert to open and close orders on a specific day and time. Expert open and close orders only with the same symbol attached. For more information, please visit product's page:

"X Man" EA uses Equity Stop from total Equity, you can use it as hedging grid EA or a single trade EA.

Classic "MACD Sample " EA with a little twist

The EA uses large volume orders to partially close other orders, with this approach, the breakeven and profit price is much closer to the current price than if you use all orders in the terminal or their full volumes.

Guide 'how to' make different expert adviser license protections

FIFO strategy When all the market movement makes you have lost, This ea makes a good profit with a little profit with many orders in a short time Just on a Candle.

This scalping EA demonstrates the use of a Virtual Pending order class library to simulate pending orders.

It's a two (2) pairs correlation system to use 3 currencies for make 2 pairs to open hedge orders on those. Expert starts opening four orders for each couple (2 plus and 2 minus) and wait to move prices in one direction to make a grid of orders Please visit the product's page for more information:

It's an expert to use price action and trade level to open each order. The expert can trade up 12 pairs, uses the corresponding default setting for each pair. Default settings are good for EURUSD pair and IC Markets broker. For more information, please visit product's page:

The "Gonna Scalp" EA is a scalper , works with all time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ.

Will scale up after N consec losses and will reset after same amount of consec wins

The "Smart AC Trader" EA trades with 2 moving averages , If we lose a trade then the EA will take a new trade with the opposite conditions

The "Martingale Smart" EA trades with 2 strategies , If we lose a trade then the EA will change strategy and take a new trade with a multiplied/increased lot size,

"ROC" EA Trades with "ROC" indicator, has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works on all time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ.

A basic ea template with trailing stop for further development

A ready made expert adviser template to use for further development or use 'as is'

Grid Template EA - A ready made expert adviser template to use for further development or use 'as is'

This expert is a tool to test any of my histo indicator (8) for testing and find better settings to trade. You can use separately one by one indicator or more of one or all together as a system. Expert need all indicators for working and generate signals.

The expert uses iFollowLine and iCompass indicators to generate signals. It's an easy and quick way to test both indicators. 27/09/2019 updated expert and indicators.

5MinutesScalpingEA uses indicators (5) from 5MinutesScalpingSystem. This expert is to help any user of the system to try some different settings of indicators easy and quickly. Expert need indicators to generate signals. Has the ability to use all of the indicators, or some of them.