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A Tool: Peak Volume Counter - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2010.02.26 08:50
2014.04.21 14:54
AIS7PVC.MQ4 (11.95 KB)
A Tool: Peak Volume Counter

Modification: 70001
Edition Date: 2009.06.03

Copyright (C) 2009, MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Copyright (C) 2009, Airat Safin

Free Open Source Software


A Tool: Peak Volume Counter 
1. A Tool: Peak Volume Counter, or simply AIS7PVC, is an auxiliary program for AIS5 Trade Machine. 
2. Main aim of AIS7PVC is to identify and display on the chart the large packets of incoming ticks.
3. To adjust the program set proper value of threshold "aci.Threshold" in line of code 16 and check lines 88-94. 
4. Large packets of incoming ticks may reflect large amounts of current transactions and may be used for entry point. 
5. Please always remember that complete certainty is always missing.   

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