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2010.02.18 14:28

pSAR Alert2 - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Now with added options and features. pSAR Alert plays a sound whenever a first parabolic SAR signal appears. For visual accuracy, match the step setting for your indicator to that of the EA incase you change any of the two step values.Please donate to my projects in order to keep this EA and others together with their future versions 100% free. My moneybookers email is Anyone can join moneybookers and send money via numerous methods.

Red ticks in the above diagram are for demonstration purposes only and show examples where the EA will start playing the alarm.

pSAR bug2 pSAR bug2

Now with more options. Opens and closes orders on first parabolic SAR signals.

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Analysis of the waves Analysis of the waves

The Indicator analyses last 100 waves and shows its sizes, average volumes and average velocities (in pips/hour) for each wave.

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