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2010.03.01 08:37

Count All the Pending Orders - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Desmond Wright aka Buju

This Expert Advisor will count all the pending orders for the chart it has been placed on, it will NOT place trades but is merely a indicator.

A Tool: Peak Volume Counter A Tool: Peak Volume Counter

Displays on the chart peaks of tick volume at exact time points

Analysis of the waves Analysis of the waves

The Indicator analyses last 100 waves and shows its sizes, average volumes and average velocities (in pips/hour) for each wave.

Indics Shaker EA Indics Shaker EA

This version use Accelerator Oscilator as main indi to recognize the signal

The MAD Indicator (Moving Averge Delta) The MAD Indicator (Moving Averge Delta)

This indicator shows changes in the direction of a moving average. It works like looking with a microscope at a moving average curve.