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2008.07.21 08:28

AutoDayFibs - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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AutomaticallyAdjustToToday (true/false)
Determine whether to have the indicator
automatically adjust to todays prices.
TimeToAdjust (in 24 hour format 0-23)
If AutomaticallyAdjustToToday is set

to 'true' then you can determine at
what time the fib lines switch to using
todays prices instead of yesterday's.
Works only for whole hours.
DaysBackForHigh and DaysBackForLow
If AutomaticallyAdjustToToday is set
to 'false' then you can adjust the
amount of days back to take the high
and low readings from.

The grey square is only to highlight here where the indicator on this particular chart is taking its reading from.

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