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ZZ_Ensign_Fibo - indicator for MetaTrader 4

2008.07.28 07:45
2014.04.21 14:52

A ZigZag alike the one used in Ensign with little differences (v1). With displaying of statical and dynamical Fibo levels and Andrews' pitchfork.


minBars - the bars filter (the number of bars is specified)

minSize - the filter by the number of points (the number of points is specified)

ExtFiboType = true - the fibs with Pesavento numbers, false - the standard Fibo levels

ExtFiboDinamic - enables the displaying of dynamical Fibo levels. The dynamical Fibo levels are displayed on the first ray of ZigZag.

ExtFiboStatic - enables the displaying of statical Fibo levels

ExtFiboStaticNum - the number of ZigZag ray the statical Fibonacci levels will be displayed from. 1<ExtFiboStaticNum<=9

ExtFiboS и ExtFiboD - the choice of colors for statical and dynamical fibs.

ExtPitchfork = 1 the Andrews' pitchfork is displayed from the last three extremums, ZigZag=2 the 50% median is displayed in addition

ExtLinePitchfork - specifies the color of Andrews' pitchfork


Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Ltd.
Original code:

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