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2008.06.20 06:47

News - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Author: Andrei Bulagin.

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16.30 М . This news is of the 2nd importance

16.00 Н . This news is of the 3rd importance Most important!

16.00 L . This news is of the 1st importance

please note that the market is not overbought or oversold!!

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Original code:

Otcfx_b-clock modified V3.2 Otcfx_b-clock modified V3.2

Indicator Otcfx_b-clock modified V3.2. Another version of the recommended indicator.

Priliv_s Priliv_s

Reversal indicator. It represents 3 lines of different colors showing the trend speed on the current, the nearest larger and the next larger timeframe (TF).

The MasterMind The MasterMind

Demo it First... $5000 Flipped To $243K in 3 Months. Coders Needed, Not Finished.

LSMA in Color LSMA in Color

The indicator is build on the basis of moving averages. Its main feature is entering/leaving signal - the indicator's line is colored in a certain color signaling for the user to buy or to sell. The accuracy of the signal is very high.