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2008.05.15 08:08

Graphical Calculator - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The indicator is aimed at calculation of orders. Create in the chart three lines named OPEN, STOP, PROFIT, and place them, respectively, at the levels, at which you are going to open an order (OPEN), place a StopLoss (STOP) and/or a TakeProfit (PROFIT). If there are no such lines in the chart, the indicator will create them automatically near the current market price. In the indicator properties, set the volume to open positions with (calc_lots) and the amount of commission (comission) for Futures and CFD, if the trade should be calculated for these securities (commission in US dollars per lot for Futures, commissions per share in percents for CFD). If one lot in CFD is equal to 100 shares, not to only one, then set the parameter named stock_in_lot for 100. For the symbols, in which profits are calculated in euros or pounds (FDAX, FTSE), нit is necessary to display in the Market Watch window the pairs of EURUSD or GPBUSD, respectively, then the rates will be automatically taken from the corresponding forex pairs. Similarly, for any cross-currencies, XXXYYY, there must be opened corresponding basic pairs USDYYY (for example, for GPBJPY, there must be opened USDJPY in the Market Watch window). After you have placed SL and TP lines at necessary levels, the indicator will automatically display in the upper left corner of the chart the amounts (in dollars) of profits for TP, of losses for SL, and of the supporting margin for the given amount of lots. The indicator will also draw in your chart a line for StopOut to become triggered as soon as this line is reached. To calculate new values, it will be sufficient just to drag the lines in the chart.

Calculator's Appearance in the Chart


  • The values are updated at each new tick, so you should press with the right button of your mouse in the chart and select "Update" to obtain new values for low-liquidity securities or during breaks between sessions.
  • To see what line is where (the description of your lines), check "Show object descriptions" in the chart properties.
  • Lines set by the indicator represent standard graphical objects, so you can select their color, line thickness and hatch type in the "Object List" menu that appears when you click in the chart with the right button of your mouse.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

Clock v 1.3 Clock v 1.3

The indicator shows in the chart the current time in different time zones.


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