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GTerminal_V5 Graphic orders and indicators - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2008.05.16 06:39
2016.11.22 07:32

A trader manages the EA on the basis of accustomed operations and terms.

The general principle of graphical orders and practical approach to their realization in MetaTrader 4 environment are described in the article, on the Forum thread.


- automation of routines for realization of the trading plan;

- releasing a human trader from continuous waiting for a trading event at the terminal.


- Visual demonstration of trading principles and strategies.

- Training of skills in MT 4 Strategy Tester.

- Strategy testing.

- Traders' contesting in MT 4 Strategy Tester.

Graphical orders are lines for executing of trade requests. The execution is limited with the end of a line.

Order opening lines, conditionally, are named as follows: BUYSTOP, BUYLIMIT, SELLSTOP, SELLLIMIT.

Order closing lines, conditionally, are named as follows: TPBUY, SLBUY, TPSELL, SLSELL.

Lines of closing all orders on the chart of the given type, conditionally, are named as follows: TPALLBUY, SLALLBUY, TPALLSELL, SLALLSELL (including those opened manually).

Initialization lines that set StopLoss/TakeProfit for newly opened orders: TPINITBUY, SLINITBUY, TPINITBUY, SLINITSELL (init - only at the moment of order opening).

EA managing line: PAUSE (to be placed in the chart automatically in demo/real trading).

Lines of opening/closing are also executed in the indicator windows: RSI, CCI, WPR, Momentum, Force Index, DeMarker, ATR, OBV, MFI.

The line accepted for execution has in its description the EA's reply "O.k.", whereas an unaccepted line has "Not execute". These replies are highlighted, if you put the mouse cursor over the line.

GTerminal can trade on all markets where МТ 4 is applied. It provides you with the possibility to send orders in two steps: first tp/sl=0, then modifying (necessary for СFD).

Different GTerminal EAs attached to different windows of different symbols do not hinder each other from trading. To identify them, you can set a magic number.

A trader can manually manage his or her orders opened by the EA, in a usual way: modify, close, apply scripts, enable Trailing Stop, etc.


The EA opens only one order per direction.

The lot size is given in the EA properties. The deposit state is not controlled.

The period of the indicator used must match with that specified in the EA (a feature of MQL4)

All lines are of the Trend Line type, i.e., "/".

The mutual arrangement of lines is not checked or commented.


If a graphical order has not been executed or if it has been opened, but closed immediately, then check the mutual arrangement of your lines.

The EA's trades are stored in log files and visible in the tabs of "Expert Advisors", "Journal".

You may use the "load/save" option in "Properties/Inputs" for your convenience.

Please read the comment inside the file attached.

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Original code:

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