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2008.05.14 07:23

Fast_oscilator_2 - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The indicator analyzes the last three bars on the basis of a quadratic function. It is displayed as a histogram. There are two moving averages on it, the parameters of which can be changed in presetting. I also introduced optional sound alerts and comment in the main field when signal lines are touched. The second indicator, Fast_3, works on the same principle, but it introduces alerts in the price field as corresponding arrows. Stops at the level of preceding fractals are crossed. The indicator was created because I needed a non-delayed and non-redrawn oscillator. As a result, it delays from the price by one bar, of course, but, at least, it is not redrawn all the time. As compared to other MACDs, it is 2 bars faster. However, this high sensibility results in that this indicator should be applied with any low-frequency filter on a flat market.

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Original code:

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