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2016.03.25 15:06
Author: Ltd

The general concept of usage is also widely known - first using some indicators (STLM and SATL) the long-term trend is determined, then open a position once the "short-term" indicators turn in their direction. In principle, it is possible to work using them, if anyone finds them convenient - why not..

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Keltner Channels Keltner Channels

If you like plotting channels, I recommend plotting them yourself. This is particularly true for the slope channels. However, if you use channels merely as filters or simply like to set alerts on these levels, then the indicator will be useful.

NB_SHI_Channel NB_SHI_Channel

Really useful channel indicator.

DJ Lines DJ Lines

The DJ Lines belongs to the Pivot group. All similar indicators operate on the principle - «Based on the values of the previous day (days) it is possible to calculate a point, passing which would mean a change in the trend».

Pattern Alert v1.1 Pattern Alert v1.1

A more advanced patterns analyzer. In addition, it generates a signal.