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DailyLines Vertical lines starting new Day with above name of the DAY. Period Separators with options to choose different styles. - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Tjipke de Vries
votes: 30
2014.05.08 14:57
dailylines.mq5 (19.7 KB)view

Like period Separator each new day will gets its line at starting. Above this line you can read the text what day of the week is starting. The lines can be dotted, solid , dash ....  and also the width can be chosen. The text is placed pixels you choose from pricemax.

Everytime you change the chart the lines will correct themselves so the output keeps the same. Choosing the first day of the week different color makes you see easily weekly Separators also.

Hope you enjoy this tool.

Regards,   deVries 

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