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2011.12.29 09:57

IncEROnArray - library for MetaTrader 5

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CEROnArray class is designed to calculate the Efficiency Ratio (ER) used in the Adaptive Moving Average (AMA).


Init() method with the following parameter is called in the OnInit() function:

  • int aPeriod - efficiency ratio calculation period.

Solve() method with the following parameters is called in the OnCalculate() function:

  • const int aRatesTotal - is a rates_total variable from the OnCalculate() function parameters;
  • const int aPrevCalc - prev_calculated variable from the OnCalculate() function;
  • double aData[] -  data buffer for the indicator calculation;
  • double aER[] - the buffer with the calculated value.

Additional methods:

  • int BarsRequired() - returns the minimum number of bars for the indicator calculation;
  • string Name() - returns the line with the indicator name.

Test_EROnArray.mq5 is a sample indicator showing CEROnArray class application. IncEROnArray file must be placed to MQL5\Include\IncOnArray of the terminal data folder (IncOnArray folder must be created).

Test_EROnArray - example of use of the CEROnArray class

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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