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2011.12.19 17:27

VGridLine_Intraday X8 - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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The indicator displays the vertical time grid with eight hours step on a chart with intraday timeframe not exceeding H4. The indicator is also not displayed on H3.

VGridLine_Intraday X8

Indicator input parameters:

//| Indicator input parameters                   |
//---- general settings
input string LinesSirname="VGridLine_Intraday_X8"; // Line name
input uint WeeklyTotal=4;                       // Number of weeks in history for indexing
input uint FutureTotal=1;                       // Number of lines in future for indexing

//---- settings for week bars
input color Line_Color_W=Gold;       // Week line color
input STYLE Line_Style_W=SOLID_;    // Week line style
input ENUM_WIDTH Line_Width_W=w_1;  // Week line width
input bool SetBackground_W=true;     // Week line background display
input uint FutureTotal_W=1;          // Number of lines in empty future history
//---- settings for day bars
input color Line_Color_D=Red;        // Day line color
input STYLE Line_Style_D=SOLID_;    // Day line display style
input ENUM_WIDTH Line_Width_D=w_1;  // Day line width
input bool SetBackground_D=true;     // Day lines background display

//---- settings for intraday bars (8 hours)
input color Line_Color_D1=Lime;       // 8 hours line color
input STYLE Line_Style_D1=DASH_;     // 8 hours line style
input ENUM_WIDTH Line_Width_D1=w_1;  // 8 hours line width
input bool SetBackground_D1=true;     // 8 hours line background display

//---- settings for intraday bars (16 hours)
input color Line_Color_D2=BlueViolet; // 16 hours line color
input STYLE Line_Style_D2=DASH_;     // 16 hours line style
input ENUM_WIDTH Line_Width_D2=w_1;  // 16 hours line width
input bool SetBackground_D2=true;     // 16 hours line background display

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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