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2011.09.21 17:16

Yaanna - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Nikolay Kositsin
votes: 12
yaanna.mq5 (6.31 KB)view

Real author:

Victor Chebotariov

Yaanna is the simplest indicator of the overbought/oversold states.

Application method:

Yaanna is a confirmatory indicator that must be used for a main signal check.

  1. We should sell or close long positions when the indicator value is above 100.
  2. We should buy or close short positions when the indicator value is below 0.

Similar to many other indicators, overbought/oversold position may show presence of a trend. But the market situation must also be considered.

The code was published in Code Base 26.03.2009.

Yaanna indicator

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:


Symmetrical normalized CCI (Commodity Channel Index) with alternative (ultralinear and JMA) smoothing algorithms.


The indicator is a combination of the FATL digital filter and analogue JMA adaptive smoothing.

SilverTrend_Signal SilverTrend_Signal

The indicator generates buy and sell signals using colored dots on a chart and displays messages.

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The simple indicator which displays minimums and maximums of the eldest, middle and short periods using semaphore dots.