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2014.05.19 11:49

StepMA_Stoch_KV1_Signal - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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The StepMA_Stoch_KV1_Signal indicator shows information on the current trend using the values of the StepMA_Stoch_KV1 indicator with a fixed timeframe.

The color of the histogram bars of the initial indicator is the source of the signal: Color squares on lines occur when the bar of the corresponding timeframe changes.

The indicator requires StepMA_Stoch_KV1.mq5 indicator file. Place it to terminal_folder\MQL5\Indicators.

Figure 1. The StepMA_Stoch_KV1_Signal indicator

Figure 1. The StepMA_Stoch_KV1_Signal indicator

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Original code:

StepMA_Stoch_KV1_HTF StepMA_Stoch_KV1_HTF

The StepMA_Stoch_KV1 indicator with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters.

StepMA_Stoch_KV1 StepMA_Stoch_KV1

A non-normalized oscillator implemented in the form of a seven-color histogram.

HighsLowsSignal HighsLowsSignal

A semaphore signal indicator determining the moments of a directional price change on several bars, the number of bars is specified in the indicator input parameters.

Exp_ColorTSI-Oscillator Exp_ColorTSI-Oscillator

The Exp_ColorTSI-Oscillator EA is based on the signals generated by the ColorTSI-Oscillator oscillator.