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Simple Display Panel - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2013.12.24 13:20
2016.11.22 07:32
mypanel.mq5 (8.35 KB)view

The code is designed to be a simple reference of how to create movable (drag) panels and populate it with information obtained from the MetaTrader terminal, using the Standard library controls.

The output is a panel that can be moved when dragged and can be used in the form of a simple indicator.

Simple Display Panel Indicator MQL5

StepChoppy_v2 StepChoppy_v2

An indicator of trend power with eight states.

Spread Indicator Spread Indicator

Spread Indicator - displays current spread in the chart window.

EasyXML - XML Parser EasyXML - XML Parser

EasyXML is a native MQL5 XML Parsing Library. It can parse XML from three different sources: URL, File and String Input. It is completely object oriented and strives to integrate neatly with MQL5, as it utilizes CObject and CArrayObj from the MQL5 standard library to store the DOM.

Fractals Modified Fractals Modified

This indicator is a small modification of classical Fractals Indicator. You can choose the number or left/right bars to have a new top or bottom as well a shift parameter.