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The MACD histogram with a cropped display of flat areas.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in the Code Base at on 24.01.2008.

Figure 1. The Cronex_Impulse_MACD indicator

Figure 1. The Cronex_Impulse_MACD indicator

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Three Relative Vigor Index indicators from three different timeframes displayed on the same chart.

wlxBW5Zone wlxBW5Zone

A semaphore signal indicator that uses the values of Accelerator Oscillator and Bill William's Awesome Oscillator.

Median Median

A channel built using the values of the ATR deviation from the middle of the range calculated on extremes.

X2MA_HTF_Signal_BG X2MA_HTF_Signal_BG

X2MA_HTF_Signal_BG shows information about trend direction (based on the X2MA indicator data) as a graphic object with a colored indication of trend or deal direction and gives alerts or audio signals and sends push notifications to a smartphone.