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This indicator colors price bars depending on the value of price change.

If the price on the current bar has grown more than the value determined by the input parameter body (the value of price change in points), the bar is blue, if the price fell by a similar amount of points, the bar is red, in other situations the bar is gray.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in the Code Base at on 06.02.2008.

The INERCIA_bars indicator

The INERCIA_bars indicator

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Stoch_3HTF Stoch_3HTF

Three main stochastic lines from three different timeframes on one chart.

LinearRegressionLine LinearRegressionLine

The linear regression line with data placed in the indicator buffer.

LW_Fractals LW_Fractals

The indicator draws fractals based on three candlesticks.

EMA_Prediction_HTF_Signal EMA_Prediction_HTF_Signal

The EMA_Prediction_HTF_Signal indicator shows trend direction based on the data of the EMA_Prediction indicator as a graphical object with colored trend indication, gives alerts or audio signals and sends push notifications on your smartphone.