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2017.11.03 12:24
2023.03.29 13:48

Real author: Scriptong

The Derivative indicator implemented as a colored histogram with an additional averaging.

The indicator uses the SmoothAlgorithms.mqh library classes (copy it to <terminal_data_folder>\MQL5\Include). The detailed description of the classes is available in the article Averaging Price Series for Intermediate Calculations Without Using Additional Buffers.

Fig. 1. The ColorDerivative indicator

Fig. 1. The ColorDerivative indicator

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Original code:

VolatilityValues VolatilityValues

The indicator shows a text block with the values ​​of the user defined Volatility period for each timeframe.


This assistant tool sets Stop Loss and Take Profit for all open orders. Symbol settings, position type, Stop Loss and Take Profit are specified in an external file.

New Random New Random

Trading based on a random number generator or in one of the following sequences: BUY - SELL - BUY or SELL - BUY - SELL.

up3x1 Investor up3x1 Investor

Candlestick size analysis. The idea of the trading system: candlestick parameters matter after news releases.