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2013.10.18 17:55

TrendLinearReg - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Real author:

Sergej Solujanov

A smooth non-normalized oscillator implemented in the form of a color histogram.

How does trend change? How to select flat? How to trade? ... etc.

If we assume that the trend of N bars is a straight line, we can calculate the parameters of this line. Equation of the line is y = bx + c. The line slope is characterized by the "b" coefficient. The indicator calculates this parameter by linear regression for every bar and displays it in a separate window. Color green shows that the value that is greater than the previous one, i.e. the angle increases, the red means just the opposite.

In fact, in relation to charts, the "b" coefficient is derived from two factors - from the tangent of the angle line and the coefficient that characterizes the pair, so the scale of the indicator values ​​is different for different pairs.

How to use the indicator? In my opinion, there are several options:

  1. Crossing the zero line;
  2. Touching the maximum value;
  3. If you set a certain area around the zero line as a flat, you can trade at the breakthrough of the zone.

Fig. 1. The TrendLinearReg indicator

Fig. 1. The TrendLinearReg indicator

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Original code:

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