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2017.11.03 11:23
Omni_Trend.mq5 (22.1 KB)view

Real author: unknown

A trend indicator of NRTR type using an MA and ATR.

Fig. 1. The Omni_Trend indicator

Fig. 1. The Omni_Trend indicator.

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Original code:

SaveTicks SaveTicks

This utility program records tick quotes in the CSV and BIN format. A flexible set of symbols is available for writing.

VWAP Custom Position VWAP Custom Position

Standard VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) calculation, but with configurable start position.

Omni_Trend_HTF Omni_Trend_HTF

The Omni_Trend indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the indicator input parameters.

BarTimerCLineRounded BarTimerCLineRounded

The BarTimer indicator implemented using the classes of libraries that were described in detail in the article "Custom indicators and infographics in CCanvas", using current timeframe data.