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2017.10.18 10:52

The indicator calculates standard VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) line, with the advantage of user defined start point.


Configuration Window

The start point is movable and can be changed by moving the arrow created on chart.

VWAP Custom Position

HistoryPositionInfo version 2 HistoryPositionInfo version 2

Returns the profit of a position in points, as well as commission, swaps and profit in money based on the trading history.

Get_Rich_or_Die_Trying_GBP Get_Rich_or_Die_Trying_GBP

Trades on PERIOD_M1 (M1). Calculates bullish and bearish candlesticks.

SaveTicks SaveTicks

This utility program records tick quotes in the CSV and BIN format. A flexible set of symbols is available for writing.

Omni_Trend Omni_Trend

A trend indicator of NRTR type using an MA and ATR.