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Analyzes bars whose opening time (hour and minute) is equal to the current bar opening time. Lit increase, if the previous trade was closed with a loss. Closing (forced) on a new bar.

Lot increased in OnTradeTransaction — the EA catches deals with the "market exit type". If the deal is profitable, the initial lot value is used (the "Lots" parameter). If the deal is losing, the lot is increased.

Stop Loss. OnTradeTransaction.


  • Min Candle Height ("0" -> the parameter is disabled)
  • Lots
  • Stop Loss (in pips)
  • Days of History

The EA searches for "Days of History" number of days. If the size of the found bullish bars exceeds the size of the found bearish bars, we open a Buy position. If opposite, open Sell.


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Exp_Kolier_SuperTrend_X2 Exp_Kolier_SuperTrend_X2

This is a trend trading system based on the signals of two Kolier_SuperTrend indicators.


Many traders are interested in native work with the BTC-e exchange directly from MetaTrader. In the exchange API, it is necessary to send data with the confirmation of parameters validity through HMAC-SHA512. The algorithm of SHA512 and HMAC calculation is implemented in this class.


Two colored filled rectangles with the display of channel levels. The rectangles are drawn between the values ​​of two Bollinger channels on one bar of any timeframe of the XMA_BBx5_Cloud indicator.

XMA_KLx5_Cloud XMA_KLx5_Cloud

Two Keltner channels based on one moving average, drawn as a colored cloud, with the display of the last values as price labels.