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2017.03.02 12:21

It does not matter that the same EA may be running on the same symbol and the same timeframe on different charts.

The library provides 8 modes to shift the basic magic number

  • SHIFT_ZERO - in this mode only 1 magic is used in the Expert Advisor (100% guarantee that it will not match other magic numbers)
  • SHIFT_TWO - 4 magic numbers
  • SHIFT_THREE - 8 magic numbers
  • SHIFT_FOUR - 16 magic numbers
  • SHIFT_SIX - 64 magic numbers
  • SHIFT_EIGHT - 256 magic numbers
  • SHIFT_TEN - 1024 magic numbers
  • SHIFT_SIXT - 65536 magic numbers

The greater the shift, the greater the probability of finding matching magic numbers in the terminal.

The library includes a built-in function IsMyMagic, which compares this magic number with the EA's magic number, using magic numbers from the EA's magic range.

IMPORTANT! If you receive a magic number with one of the above parameters (eg SHIFT_THREE), only thos parameter must be passed to the comparison function!

IMPORTANT! Once you close a chart, Magic cannot be restored!

Example of the library can be reviewed in the Test_AutoMagic.mq5 Expert Advisor


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Original code:


The IBS_RSI_CCI_v4 indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the input parameters

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